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10 things you didn’t know about Nethanel Gelernter

10 things you didn’t know about Nethanel Gelernter
Written by ga_dahmani
10 things you didn’t know about Nethanel Gelernter

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Dr. Nethanel Gelernter is the current co-founder and CEO of Cyberpion. The company is primarily concerned with investigating unknown security attack vectors and developing effective countermeasures to resolve them. As an experienced security researcher, Gelernter received his Ph.D. in computer science from Bar-llan University, a learning institution that focuses on new attack vectors and web application security. Dr. Gelernter now heads the department of cyber security research and studies at the Faculty of Academic Studies of Management, located in Israel. Away from academia, Nethanel’s previous roles include providing security consulting services for various companies, as well as working as a software engineer at Microsoft. In this post, we will discuss the 10 things you didn’t know about Nethanel Gelernter.

1. He is the CEO and co-founder of Cyberpion.

Cybersecurity company Cyberpion was founded in 2016 by Dr. Nethanel Gelernter, along with Ran Nahmias and Ori Engelberg. The company is headquartered in Tel Aviv, Israel. According to LinkedIn, Cyberpion helps provide security threat detection and offers effective response solutions for other businesses. The company also helps other organizations monitor their online assets and the DNS, web, and cloud infrastructures on which their online assets operate. This helps protect these organizations from vulnerabilities and effectively manage their online ecosystem before attackers can exploit them. In addition, the Cyberpion platform systematically monitors, analyzes and maintains a company’s vast inventory of known and unknown assets. That said, Cyberpion is trusted by most organizations across a wide range of industries, including; banks, media, energy, retail, telecommunications and insurance.

2. He was a security researcher at KayHut

From 2015 to 2017, Nethanel worked as a security researcher at a network and computer security company known as KayHut. KayHut is a young, innovative and fast-growing company that is primarily concerned with providing reliable cyber security solutions to various sectors of the economy. The company is also involved in a number of software security techniques, including; reverse engineering, product development and algorithm research, among other technological projects.

3. He was a self-employed security consultant

From 2009 to 2015, Nethanel Gelernter served as an independent security consultant for many cybersecurity organizations. During these six years, she has helped various companies hack and devise defensive cybersecurity techniques to protect their known and unknown assets from attackers who can exploit them.

4. He was a software engineer at Microsoft

From January 2011 to December 2012, Nethanel worked as a software engineer at Microsoft. Microsoft is a public multinational corporation that was established on April 4, 1975. Headquartered in Washington, USA, the company is primarily engaged in the development, manufacturing, licensing, and support of a wide range of products. and services related to software services. Since its establishment, Microsoft has grown to dominate the market for home computer operating services and office suites with the release of Microsoft Office.

5. He was a security researcher at Bar-llan University

From January 2013 to 2015, Dr. Nethanel worked as a security researcher at Bar-llan University. Bar-llan University is a public research learning institution located in the city of Ramat Gan, in the district of Tel Aviv, Israel. The university was established in 1955 and became the second largest educational institution in Israel.

6. He was an intelligence officer at Cylus.

With extensive knowledge in software design and development, Dr. Nethanel Gelernter worked as an intelligence officer at a cybersecurity company known as Cylus. The company is a world leader in railway cybersecurity and helps other companies to detect cyberthreats in their communication, signaling and control networks. Cylus also offers reliable cybersecurity software solutions designed to help subway and rail companies avoid service interruptions and security incidents caused by cyberattacks. During his two stints at the company, Gelernter led an elite tech team from Israel’s Military Intelligence Corps along with top executives from the rail industry.

7. Worked with Shaked Zin

Dr. Nethanel Gelernter has worked with PureSec CEO and co-founder Shaked Zin. Zin is an innovative entrepreneur with a strong passion for cybersecurity and developing trusted networking systems and software. Prior to establishing PureSec in 2016, Zin served as a department leader at IDF’s elite training program. Additionally, Shaked Zin and Nethanel Gelernter enrolled at the University of Bar-llan, where he earned his BA in Economics and History.

8. Helped create an external attack surface management platform

Due to the increasing attacks on digital supply chains by hackers, who gain access to a company’s network and sensitive information, many third-party attack surface management services like Cyberpion were involved in helping. Led by company CEO and co-founder Nethanel, Cyberpion focused on mapping and analyzing strong connections and solutions to help map a company’s external attack surface. With Cyberpion’s cutting-edge cybersecurity techniques, all of a company’s known and unknown assets are scanned and protected from risks and vulnerabilities.

9. Worked with Yoav Levy

Also involved in the computer software industry, Dr. Gelernter worked with Upstream Security CEO and co-founder Yoav Levy. With over seventeen years of experience in multinational high-tech companies, Levy brings trusted leadership skills in marketing, business development, and IT and cybersecurity product management.

10. Helped in the introduction of SecSessions

After receiving his Ph.D. from Bar-llan University, Dr. Nethanel currently leads the cybersecurity research team and studies at the Israel College of Management Academic Studies. Through its cybersecurity company Cyberpion, Gelernter has been actively involved in improving global awareness of cybersecurity attacks and initiating small projects to facilitate advancements in the cybersecurity community. Additionally, Dr. Nethanel is also an experienced security researcher with a deep understanding of practical cybersecurity. In collaboration with Tel Aviv cybersecurity firms, Cyberpion assisted in third-party risk assessment, online security threat management, web application security risk management, and external attack surface management.

Last words

Dr. Nethanel Gelernter is currently the CEO and co-founder of Cyberpion. With more than 6 months of experience with the company, he has helped the company become the leading private security company in the industry specializing in cybersecurity and software development. According to Infosecuritythe company’s annual revenues are estimated at approximately 8.3 million.

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