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5 tips for secure cloud-native development

5 tips for secure cloud-native development
Written by ga_dahmani
5 tips for secure cloud-native development

All organizations are going through digital transformation (opens in a new tab) one way or another. Whether they have embraced hybrid working since the start of the pandemic or are introducing AI and machine learning into their workloads, integrating technology into a business is critical to surviving in today’s world. Cloud-native development: A way to build and run scalable, adaptable applications anywhere—in public, private, or hybrid clouds (opens in a new tab) – is carving out its place as a disruptive big wave that many organizations are embracing as part of their digital transformation efforts.

Looking at the state of cloud-native development, there are about 6.5 million cloud-native developers around the world; that’s 1.8 million more than in mid-2019, representing 44% of back-end developers according to the Cloud Native Computing Foundation. Additionally, 46% of developers use open source Kubernetes (opens in a new tab) in development, which has become the gold standard for container orchestration.

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