A digital revolution: using virtual health care to provide comprehensive well-being for employees

A digital revolution: using virtual health care to provide comprehensive well-being for employees

As the Australian healthcare crisis becomes a key item on the new Prime Minister’s agenda, beyond the physical limitations of the system, this is the perfect opportunity to look at and harness the solutions that digital healthcare can offer. or virtual.

Before the growth of COVID-19 in virtual healthcare, adoption was slow, but as the pandemic brought GPs and hospitals to breaking point, we saw an uptake of the technology being used to access medical care and support. Workplace isolation and human disconnection also saw an increase in the need for access to mental health services.

Barriers people faced before the pandemic – technology, experience, access and trust – are giving way to a new trust, as people realize that technologies and platforms can revolutionize healthcare and delivery. comprehensive personal care, and how we access it. both in our personal lives and to support our new work models.

Deloitte confirmed the change and recently reported the findings of a joint study that confirmed 70% of Australians are willing to use virtual health servicesand 80% are ready to share their health data in a digitally enabled health system.

Dr. Patrick Aouad is the CEO and co-founder of [cu]Healtha virtual healthcare practice that provides dedicated, multidisciplinary healthcare for businesses, believes this is the brink of a revolution for digital healthcare, particularly in the workplace. “The tools and systems are now available to bring together exceptional healthcare experiences in the digital world. The best kind of health care is provided by teams of experts who can work together and personalize care for each and every employee. Digital health has unlocked the potential to deliver this type of care to organizations and their teams without employees/staff/team members, etc. have to leave their desks.”

[cu]Health is providing evidence-based approaches, backed by the right innovation to support trusted, compassionate and excellent healthcare. The virtual health care platform integrates the services of GPs with dieticians, psychologists and health coaches that employees of the subscribing companies can access from the office or remotely.

As COVID -19 highlighted the need for remote and digital healthcare solutions, and the way we work has changed, the health, well-being and safety of employees has become a critical concern for everyone. .

Historically, employee assistance programs offered employees the bare minimum and, in some cases, only provided access to a single stream of wellness support, without continuity or a holistic approach. The pandemic has only exposed that a fractured approach to health and wellness is insufficient. Business and organization leaders increasingly accept responsibility for the physical and mental health of their employees to minimize risk, increase retention, and decrease short- and long-term absenteeism.

Dr. Aouad, recently featured in the Workplace Wellness Festival, in Sydney. The festival brought together forward-thinking organizations enacting the whole person wellness revolution for their employees working from home, on site and in the field.

As an innovator in the space, Dr. Aouad advocated the benefits of [cu]healthcare and other digital health technologies, including the ROI when companies invest in the overall health and wellness of their employees.

He is convinced that this is the way forward for the healthcare landscape for business, to support the new post-pandemic ‘normal’. “Whether you are a remote worker, able to work from home, or in a corporate office, the ability to easily access high-quality health and wellness services is becoming essential in this busy world. A person’s physical and mental well-being is effectively their hardware and software to meet life’s challenges – digital health technologies combined with the right care pathways can now bridge the gap in care employees need.”

While the pandemic has accelerated technological advances in the healthcare and wellness space for all, to truly advance and build on the gains made in virtual healthcare and revolutionize access, it is vital to put people first, including the employees. Leaders, including medical professionals, must adapt to new digital behaviors and technologies and reassess the merit of historical governance and methodologies while maintaining a strong evidence base and the highest level of care.

About the Author:

Dr. Patrick Aouad is co-founder and CEO of [cu]health, a virtual medical office for companies. Patrick is focused on delivering evidence-based approaches backed by the right innovation to support trustworthy, compassionate and excellent healthcare.

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