API Security Innovator Traceable AI lands $60 million Series B

API Security Innovator Traceable AI lands  million Series B

Traceable was started two years ago by the founder of AppDynamics and Harness Jyoti Bansal and former vice president of engineering at AppDynamics Sanjay Nagaraj through a $20 million A series in july 2020.

“The widespread use of APIs in cloud-native applications has resulted in a significantly larger attack surface, heightening the challenge of protecting these APIs from malicious use or abuse.” Bansal said. “Bad actors only need one API entry point to access an organization’s data and cause irreparable damage to service interruptions, reputation, and finances. Trackable AI applies the power of machine learning and distributed tracking to truly understand how an application actually works in the context of the business, and therefore be able to detect anomalies and block threats to keep customers safe and resilient against next-generation attacks.”

Leveraging the team’s expertise in distributed tracking and observability, Traceable AI is the only API security platform that discovers, manages, and secures APIs for enterprise-grade organizations. Its differentiated capabilities provide coverage for the most important API security use cases, including API discovery, exfiltration of sensitive data, and detection and blocking of attacks such as account takeover, API abuse, and account fraud. API.

“As we know, all businesses run on software. Since APIs are the core engine of any software model today, it is imperative that we secure them to protect the business.”saying John VrionisUnusual Ventures partner. “We are very excited to be part of the Traceable team and their continued efforts to help companies protect their most important software asset: APIs.

Trackable AI Use Cases

Traceable AI provides the industry-leading API security platform that discovers, manages, and protects all APIs from malicious attacks and provides rich analytics to perform threat hunting, so you can make the right decisions regarding your security posture. of APIs.

A wide range of companies, including Informatica, Bullish, Digital Ocean, Zolve, Houwzer, and many large financial firms, use Traceable AI’s innovative distributed tracking technology to protect their cloud-native applications.

“We want to detect and respond to violations in the shortest possible time”, saying Patik PatelChief Cloud Security Officer at Informatica. “The most important part is figuring out how much visibility we have into our environment and how quickly we can find root causes and remediate those items. Trackable AI is deployed in any environment, whether it’s your cloud, Kubernetes, or traditional virtual machines. Knowing how it works our applications behave as part of API discovery is what created the win for the Traceable AI team at Informatica.”

“Enterprises are now API-driven and increasingly susceptible to business logic abuse and generic vulnerabilities like Log4Shell/Spring4shell. A holistic approach is needed to protect APIs from known and unknown threats across environments by understanding their production and pre-production environments,” said Nagaraj. “Traceable AI fits into an enterprise’s existing infrastructure quickly and frictionlessly. We offer agentless deployment options, including out-of-band traffic mirroring, to ensure our platform fits our customers’ needs.” “.

About trackable AI
Traceable secures APIs from the inside out by understanding the unique business logic, user attribution, and context of each API, from development to production. With our distributed sniffing technology and advanced context-based behavioral analytics, we bring modern API security to your API-based and cloud-native applications. Learn more at https://traceable.ai.

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