Aria Cybersecurity presents –

Aria Cybersecurity presents –

BOSTON, June 6, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ARIA Cybersecurity Solutionsa CSPi business ( CSPi ) announces its ARIA Zero Trust Gateway, a next-generation network security solution focused on automated 100G network response accelerated by the NVIDIA® BlueField-2® DPU.

Network service providers and cloud operators have asked for a better approach than a firewall/IPS to solve today’s network security requirements. They need to stop a broader range of network attacks immediately, as soon as they are detected, at today’s 100G network line rates.

Key solution capabilities include:

  • Works online at 100G as well as 10G and 25G speeds
  • Find and stop network attacks and data exfiltration in real time
  • It works fully automated
  • Does not affect customer data performance or service SLAs
  • Reduces the cost per protected package up to 10 times
  • Reduces cost per watt pack up to 10 times over alternatives
  • Reduce rack space up to 10 times

The ARIA Zero Trust (AZT) Gateway is implemented as a compact, in-line, stand-alone network appliance that stops attacks without affecting the delivery of other traffic that crosses the wire. To do so, the AZT Gateway operates by staying in line with data traffic, analyzing each packet at line speed, creating analytics for threat analysis while enforcing existing protection policies in place, as well as dynamically written ones to stop detected attacks.

To detect attacks, packet analysis goes to the heart of the solution. This brain is ARIA’s Advanced Detection and Response (ADR) product that uses ML and AI-driven threat models that analyze analytics from over 70 different types of attacks using the MITER ATT&CK framework. This is achieved with a fully automated approach that can take humans out of the detection loop. Additionally, copies of specific traffic conversations can be sent to an Intrusion Detection System (IDS) function for further analysis. In both cases, the results are transmitted to the gateway as dynamically generated rules to block and remove identified attack conversations in real time. Attacks can be identified and stopped in seconds without humans in the loop, a huge advance.

“The unique capabilities of the BlueField-2 DPU packaged in a compact footprint combined with low power consumption make it the ideal platform for our AZT Gateway when deployed in cloud data center and network provider environments,” said Gary Southwell, vice president and general manager of ARIA Cybersecurity.

AZT Gateway software leverages the NVIDIA BlueField-2 DPU data center infrastructure-on-a-chip capabilities to provide the ability to monitor two 100G links at once without losing traffic or consuming critical CPU resources. The BlueField-2 DPU also provides AZT with hardware accelerators that create the analyzes for each packet. The AZT system software runs inside the BlueField-2’s highly efficient Arm core processor to classify each packet at a conversation level, as well as apply the pre-set and dynamically generated sets of rules.

“ARIA Zero Trust Gateway solves a critical cyber problem for service providers who need a modern approach to protecting their customer data from attack,” said Ami Badani, vice president of Networking at NVIDIA. “NVIDIA BlueField DPUs offload, accelerate and isolate infrastructure workloads to equip innovators like ARIA to build pioneering next-generation security applications. The BlueField-2 DPU further provides AZT with hardware accelerators to deliver accelerated performance to handle today’s demanding 100G+ network speeds.”

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ARIA Zero Trust Gateway is now available for purchase. Those interested should contact [email protected] to connect with one of our cybersecurity experts.

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