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Aurora Mobile upgrades its verification service to JG Secured Verification to provide comprehensive cyber defense solutions for businesses

Aurora Mobile upgrades its verification service to JG Secured Verification to provide comprehensive cyber defense solutions for businesses
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Aurora Mobile upgrades its verification service to JG Secured Verification to provide comprehensive cyber defense solutions for businesses
aurora mobile limited

aurora mobile limited

SHENZHEN, China, June 28, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Aurora Mobile Limited (NASDAQ: JG) (“Aurora Mobile” or the “Company”), a leading provider of customer engagement and marketing technology services in China announced today that it has upgraded its JVerification verification service to JG Secured Verification. Easily integrated into existing verification systems, the upgraded service can empower enterprises and Internet platforms to develop a more efficient and secure defense solution against cybercrime and hacking risks while responding to growing cybersecurity needs and threats. more stringent regulatory requirements for platform stability and security.

Millisecond response time ensures timely protection for various business scenarios

A number of cyber risks can occur in the registration and login process before companies can provide content and services to users, including spam account registration, DDoS attacks, fake accounts, and account theft. For example, grocery e-commerce platforms can suffer losses when hackers create spam accounts to benefit from new user incentives. Account theft has also been a persistent issue directly damaging the gaming experience and causing game developers to lose.

To address these issues, the updated JG Secured Verification has now reduced response time to milliseconds and can integrate select SDK plugins based on business needs. This not only provides protection for the registration and login process, but also quickly detects unusual account activity. Upon detection, JG Secured Verification sends risk alerts, based on which businesses can take prompt action, including login restriction, account flagging, and secondary verification, to minimize loss and business disruption. normal business operations.

Another important scenario for the need of JG Secured Verification is e-commerce promotion campaigns. With all the coupons and red envelopes, e-commerce campaigns not only stimulate consumption but also deal-seeking activities. Retailers often find it difficult to defend against various cheating tools and malicious traffic. JG Secured Verification can identify cheating activities for various marketing campaigns, including sweepstakes, new user registration, coupon distribution, and new customer discounts. With its comprehensive risk identification feature, JG Secured Verification can effectively block cheating behaviors, and based on generated risk alerts, platforms can choose to deny cash withdrawals, reduce discount rates, or take other measures.

In recent years, data tracking and theft have become quite prevalent in the finance, content, and e-commerce sectors, where data assets are a key driver of growth. For example, a clothing company may launch its new design online and soon find the images stolen and copied on other retailers’ websites, causing a great loss to the original creator. JG Secured Verification’s anti-tracking function can effectively prevent large-scale tracking of industry-critical data, high-value content, and private data, filter malicious bot traffic, and protect sensitive business data. Once malicious traffic is detected, companies can take further action, such as denying specific access, enforcing a differential privacy policy, and blocking accounts.

Social media communities such as Douyin, Weibo, and WeChat are often challenged by fraudulent activities, including fake followers and click farming, through which low-quality content crowds out high-quality content creation, harming users. creators and compromising the monetization potential of the platforms. JG Secured Verification helps companies improve their community governance by enabling them to detect malicious traffic and perform tracking operations, such as excluding fake likes and reposts from counting, thus ensuring a fair community environment and protecting the interests of platforms and the users.

Easy integration to provide end-to-end data security

Building on Aurora Mobile’s decade-long anti-piracy experience, JG Secured Verification leverages a multi-model risk detection mechanism and an extensive and flexible set of AI algorithms, and improves its services through constant technology updates and iterations to adapt. to changing cybersecurity threats. In addition, JG Secured Verification can also help companies identify potential business risks in China and abroad. To achieve this, JG Secured Verification has integrated its multidimensional risk profiling and data analytics capabilities, and a team of large-scale business system risk management experts, to provide customized risk management consulting services to identify and effectively address most security threats.

With its multi-layered, end-to-end process risk detection capabilities that cover devices, user behaviors, and user groups, JG Secured Verification enables its business users to build a robust, end-to-end cyber defense system. Its business API is able to detect risks in milliseconds and easily integrate selected SDK plug-ins based on actual business needs, quickly delivering effective and accurate defense solutions against cyber threats and comprehensively upgrading cyber threat identification and response capabilities. risks to its users.

Stable and efficient services to help platforms and companies improve operational security

Leveraging Aurora Mobile’s data analytics experience and operational insights, JG Secured Verification has collaborated with China’s top three telecommunications companies, namely China Mobile, China Telecom and China Unicom, covering 99.9 % of mobile users. JG Secured Verification can reduce the risk of hijacking by eliminating the use of unencrypted SMS verification codes while speeding up the login verification process with fewer steps, helping businesses improve conversion rates and experience of the user.

With 60.4 billion installations of its software development kits (SDKs), a monthly active unique device base of 1.45 billion, and a technology infrastructure that supports more than 100 million daily push messages, Aurora Mobile has amassed outstanding capabilities in processing of a high turnout of requests. and safeguard the proper functioning of platforms and companies.

In the future, JG Secured Verification will continue to expand its services to more verticals, providing a complete set of solutions covering identity verification, data security, financial risk control, and content security, among others. Aurora Mobile will further expand its cloud security technology to help platforms and enterprises comprehensively address their various operational risks and jointly build a smarter security ecosystem.

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