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AWS Cloud WAN connects on-premises and cloud environments

AWS Cloud WAN connects on-premises and cloud environments
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AWS Cloud WAN connects on-premises and cloud environments

Amazon Web Services launched AWS Cloud WAN, a new managed wide area network (WAN) service that connects local data centers, colocation facilities, branch offices, and cloud resources to simplify running a global network.

With a central management dashboard built into AWS Cloud WAN, customers can define their network settings, view the status of their overall network, and automate routine configuration and security tasks. With AWS Cloud WAN, businesses can access the global AWS network to create a single, unified network for your organization to improve network health, performance, and security.

Today, many companies run their networks in multiple environments, including on-premises data centers, colocation facilities, branch offices, and the cloud. To connect these disparate environments, customers build and manage their own global networks while leveraging network, security and Internet services from multiple third-party providers. AWS makes it easy for customers to connect cloud and on-premises environments using AWS network services (eg, Amazon Virtual Private Cloud, AWS Transit Gateway, and AWS Direct Connect).

However, for connectivity between on-premises data centers and branch offices, customers must invest a significant amount of time and money to build their own physical network or build a software-defined overlay network from third-party providers. This leads to a complex network of networks, each with different tools and requirements for connectivity, security, monitoring, and performance management. As a result, networking teams face challenges configuring, securing, and managing an ever-increasing mix of technologies required to build, scale, and operate a secure global network for their organizations.

AWS Cloud WAN makes it faster and easier for customers to build, manage, and monitor a unified global network that seamlessly connects their on-premises and cloud environments. AWS Cloud WAN enables customers to connect local data centers, colocation facilities, branch offices, and AWS Regions into a single, unified global network with just a few clicks in a central management dashboard, eliminating the need to configure and manage networks. individuals to use different technologies. With the central management dashboard, networking teams can get a single view of their global network, apply policies, and automate configuration and security tasks across their entire network.

For example, with just a few clicks, teams can quickly and easily apply a policy that requires network traffic from branch offices to be routed through a specific network firewall before reaching cloud resources running in an AWS Region. AWS Cloud WAN integrates with leading SD-WAN, network appliances, and independent software vendors, including Aruba, Aviatrix, Checkpoint, Cisco Meraki, Cisco Systems, Prosimo, and VMware, making it easy for customers to connect their SD-WAN local. devices to AWS. Businesses can now use AWS Cloud WAN to simplify how they build, manage, and monitor their networks through a single pane of glass with minimal complexity.

“Many wide area networks used by businesses today consist of a patchwork of connections between branch offices and data centers that have been optimized for applications running on premises,” said David Brown, vice president of Amazon EC2 at AWS. “As the cloud edge continues to be pushed outward and more customers move their applications to AWS to become more agile, reduce complexity, and save money, they need an easier way to evolve their networks to support a modern, cloud-based model. distributed that allows them to reach their customers and end users globally with high performance. With AWS Cloud WAN, businesses can simplify their operations and leave behind the tedious task of managing complex networks of networks.”

To get started, customers can create their global networks in the AWS Cloud WAN Central Management Dashboard by first selecting the AWS Regions closest to their local locations and adding their Amazon Virtual Private Clouds. After extending their existing WAN to AWS, customers can add and remove remote locations and data centers with just a few clicks on the dashboard or through the AWS Cloud WAN Application Programming Interface (API).

AWS Cloud WAN is available in US East (Ohio), US East (N. Virginia), US West (N. California), Africa (Cape Town), Asia Pacific (Mumbai), Asia Pacific (Singapore), Asia Pacific (Sydney), Asia Pacific (Tokyo), Canada (Central), Europe (Frankfurt), Europe (Ireland), Europe (Milan), Europe (Paris), Europe (Stockholm), and Middle East (Bahrain).

Avalara creates cloud-based tax compliance solutions for businesses of all sizes, in all industries globally, addressing needs from indirect tax calculation, refunds, remittances, and document management, to business licensing, tax responses, tax on insurance premiums, property tax compliance and more. . “We hope that AWS Cloud WAN will provide us with the opportunity to transform our network by interconnecting our global AWS footprint, while ensuring segmentation of business functions,” said Brian Capps, senior director of network engineering at Avalara. “We hope it will simplify administration, routing and security, consolidating complex configurations to deploy as infrastructure as code.”

Cisco is the world leader in technology that powers the Internet. “In today’s world, organizations need fast, secure, and scalable connectivity across on-premises and global cloud environments. To meet these demands, it’s imperative to deliver innovative networking and security solutions that are flexible and easy to use,” said Chris Stori, senior vice president and general manager, Cisco Networking Experiences. “Cisco continues to invest in cloud networking by integrating the Cisco SD-WAN product portfolios with AWS Cloud WAN to securely connect workloads from multiple AWS Regions, increase application performance and reduce turnaround times. of implementation”.

Foundation Medicine pioneers molecular profiling for cancer and works to shape the future of clinical care and research by helping clinicians make informed treatment decisions for their patients and empowering researchers to develop new medicines. . “AWS Cloud WAN simplifies how Foundation Medicine connects our globally distributed cloud labs and resources,” said Karl Langdon, head of cloud infrastructure at Foundation Medicine. “This streamlined system supports efficient collaboration across departments and sites, allowing us to provide clinicians and researchers with the insights they need to improve patient access to accurate cancer care.”

Slalom is a global consulting firm focused on technology and business transformation that helps organizations innovate and scale for business agility. “With AWS Cloud WAN, we immediately recognized its network slicing capabilities as an accelerator that could greatly reduce the effort and complexity of network provisioning and routing automation. I was not disappointed,” said Charlie Christina, director of platform engineering at Slalom. “The ease of defining core network policies, segmentation, and attachments through a single policy document greatly simplified building a global network. With AWS Cloud WAN, our estimate for a recent network transformation project for a leading genomics company that wanted a self-service, fully automated high-performance computing (HPC) solution was precisely reduced from months to weeks, allowing us to focus time and energy on network-connected HPC design.”

VMware is a leading innovator of enterprise software and cloud services for all applications, enabling digital innovation with business control. “Delivering critical network, security and edge computing services to employee devices located anywhere is a top priority for enterprise IT teams,” said Craig Connors, vice president and general manager of the SASE business at VMware. “The integration of VMware SD-WAN, a VMware SASE service, and AWS Cloud WAN provides a network architecture to deliver distributed edge computing while providing more secure, high-quality workload application performance. in AWS environments, regardless of user. Location. Through this partnership, customers can achieve seamless connectivity from users to clouds.”

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