Chamco Digital Helps Healthcare Move Seamlessly to the Cloud with Epic on Azure

Chamco Digital Helps Healthcare Move Seamlessly to the Cloud with Epic on Azure

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Sugar Land, Texas–(Newsfile Corp. – June 12, 2022) – Chamco Digital Announces Pivot to Healthcare; Refine Epic on Azure Cloud Technology Deployment Solution.

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  • Umar Ali of Chamco Digital is scaling his company’s move into the healthcare technology space by delivering the Epic cloud solution on Azure.
  • The organization has assembled a new group of technical staff to take on this new segment and offer the Epic platform on Azure to healthcare organizations across the country.

ChamcoDigital Omar Ali is scaling its company’s move into the healthcare technology space through Epic’s cloud solution on Azure, with an announcement about the company bringing together a new group of technical staff to guide the company to this new segment.

The organization’s new group of experienced technical and administrative staff is comprised of Azure Solution Architects, Epic and Azure sales and marketing professionals, and billing experts.

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Chamco Digital CFO Umar Ali

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According to Umar Ali, CFO and co-founder of ChamcoDigital, this is the right move at the right time. “We have been helping companies across many industries to migrate to the cloud and realize the immense benefits of this technology. Now, we’re turning our attention to the healthcare industry to help them safely and seamlessly transition to the innovative Epic platform on Azure. “

Continuing, Ali notes that while the trend toward cloud computing is long-standing, the pandemic kickstarted the process. As hospitals and other healthcare organizations evaluate their options, he believes more will choose Epic over Azure based on the software’s documented reliability and success in the healthcare industry and the platform’s unmatched successes in the cloud.

Leveraging its experience in the cloud technology environment, Chamco Digital, an end-to-end cloud solution provider, is ready to deliver Epic Systems software service on one of the most trusted cloud platforms, Azure.

Helping organizations better control costs and risks

To fully benefit from an Epic Systems move to the cloud, healthcare institutions, like other organizations, must navigate the complexity of the implementation process. A common mistake is forecasting and managing cloud spend. a recent flexera studio found that companies estimate that they waste up to 30% of their spend on the cloud. [i]

This inefficiency typically results from an over-provisioned infrastructure that ends up underutilized. And it’s not an insignificant amount either. According to ParkMyCloudthat waste added up to $17.6 billion in 2020. [ii]

According to Ali, “Chamco Digital’s experienced team will help healthcare organizations determine the correct provisioning so that results are achieved without overspending.”

Safety is even more important today

Security is another major concern, and Chamco Digital is experienced in provisioning. “One thing we’ve learned is that no company is immune from today’s cyber threats. In recent years, we’ve seen governments, stock exchanges and Fortune 500 companies take a hit, along with countless threats against smaller players. Ali observed. .

“There is nowhere to hide. Instead, business leaders in healthcare organizations must also accept that they will be attacked and develop strong defenses.”

Leveraging Chamco Digital’s cloud implementation and security expertise will not only leverage Epic Systems’ core strengths – acquisition, maintenance and delivery of healthcare data to physicians and patients alike – but will also help healthcare organizations protect critical patient data.

“Any security breach carries significant potential harm in the form of potential lawsuits, business loss or reputational risk. There is too much at stake not to focus on prevention,” adds Umar Ali.

About Chamco Digital

Chamco Digital is an end-to-end cloud solutions provider specializing in Epic on Azure, cloud migration, and cloud management and consulting. By partnering with Chamco, companies can increase security and improve deployment while streamlining the overall IT process, thereby minimizing wasted time and money.

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