Cisco Secure ADC and Secure ADC Multicloud: Application Performance in a Cloud-First World

Cisco Secure ADC and Secure ADC Multicloud: Application Performance in a Cloud-First World

This blog is a joint collaboration between collaborators Ravi Balakrishnan and Will Zupan cisco, and lead author Grif MorrelDirector of Radware Business Development.

As organizations go digital, applications increasingly drive productivity and user experience, requiring networks and applications to be resilient and available at all times. Application Delivery Controllers (ADCs) are essential for secure, agile, and optimized application delivery.

ADCs intelligently distribute traffic across multiple servers, whether on-premises or in the cloud, to ensure availability, minimize latency, and optimize the user experience.


In addition to load balancing, ADCs perform other critical functions that affect application performance when offloading servers, including acceleration, SSL termination, compression, caching, and security. These ADC features ensure that network resources are optimized, allowing applications to scale to millions of connections without negatively impacting the user experience.

Cisco Secure ADC

Cisco Secure ADC® is a leading application delivery controller that continuously monitors and intelligently manages application traffic, ensuring efficient use of network resources and optimizing application performance. Secure ADC enables the same solution to be deployed across private data center, private cloud, and public cloud environments, reducing costs and ensuring application policies are consistent regardless of where applications are deployed. Secure ADC is available on physical, virtual, and cloud platforms.

Cisco Secure ADC Multi-Cloud Solution

What about cloud applications? Secure ADC multicloud is an application delivery solution for on-premises data centers, private clouds, and public clouds. Secure ADC multi-cloud extends the benefits of Secure ADC to private and public cloud environments using Radware Alteon Cloud Control for centralized service management in hybrid environments.

The following diagram shows the key components of a Secure ADC multi-cloud solution. Secure ADC complements Cisco ACI deployments by giving application administrators and owners complete visibility into the health and performance of applications as well as the network infrastructure. Enhanced visibility and control of both applications and the network ensures that application performance and network resources are optimized as workloads grow and business requirements change.

Cisco ACI and Secure ADC provide a comprehensive set of API functions that enable full automation to speed application deployment, simplify management, and ensure policies meet corporate requirements. By providing a single license and code base that can be deployed in all environments and all form factors, Secure ADC lowers the costs and minimizes the challenges of managing multi-cloud environments. And, if a problem arises that requires technical support, customers can contact one organization, Cisco, to resolve network and application issues.

Secure ADC multicloud addresses several important challenges facing organizations today:

  1. Optimize the app experience – Secure ADC multicloud continuously monitors the network and dynamically manages traffic flow, optimizing application performance and allowing ADC services to be quickly deployed as needed in any environment.
  2. Simplify cloud migration – Global Elastic Licensing (GEL) provides a single, platform-independent license that enables ADC capacity to be instantly provisioned or decommissioned in any environment as demand fluctuates. GEL monitors demand for ADC services, automatically provisioning additional capacity during peak usage periods, and turning off ADC capacity when not needed, minimizing IT costs.
  3. Consistent policy and interface across environments: Secure ADC enables the same solution to be deployed across private data centers and cloud environments, ensuring application policies are consistent regardless of where applications are deployed.
  4. Support for DevOps and CI/CD – Secure ADC multicloud provides seamless integration with DevOps automation tools like Ansible through REST APIs. This enables non-IT staff such as DevOps and application developers to deliver new ADC services across multiple environments and speed the development and deployment of new applications.
  5. Enhanced visibility and control – Secure Multicloud ADC collects application health and performance information from all the application resources it manages. Its analytics engine and intuitive dashboards enable rapid root cause analysis (RCA) and resolution of SLA breaches. Its interface allows native integration with 3dr reporting and analysis tools from parties like Splunk, Grafana and Terraform.


As organizations move to the cloud, the need to provide agile and consistent application delivery and protection across private data centers, private cloud, and public cloud environments places an increasing burden on IT. Cisco Secure ADC and Multi-Cloud Secure ADC allow you to dynamically implement and optimize consistent application delivery policies in hybrid environments. Cisco Secure ADC optimizes application performance and simplifies cloud migration while minimizing IT costs.


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Secure ADC at a glance


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