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Cyber ​​Innovation Fellows Initiative |  CISA
Cyber ​​Innovation Fellows Initiative

Collaboration with the private sector is at the core of CISA’s cybersecurity mission. Every day, CISA works with industry partners across the country to understand risks, share information and mitigate threats. We are launching Cyber ​​Innovation Fellows to take this partnership to a new level by bringing experts from the private sector into the agency on a short-term, part-time basis to lend their expertise to some of our most critical teams.

The ever-changing cyber risk landscape requires CISA to stay at the forefront of key areas, from cloud security to threat intelligence. The Cyber ​​Innovation Fellows Initiative will allow some of the nation’s most skilled and experienced professionals and experts to bring their perspectives to CISA on a short-term basis to advance our national mission to reduce cyber risk at scale. Participants will help innovate the agency’s approach to cyber security while gaining an awareness of CISA’s mission that will enhance participants’ skills and knowledge.

Through the Cyber ​​Innovation Fellows initiative, CISA is creating new opportunities to bring important non-federal knowledge and perspectives into the agency. Experts will join CISA teams where their specific expertise does not already exist within the agency.

How to take part

If accepted, fellows will be assigned a position, based on their background and qualifications, and will work part-time one or two days a week for up to four months.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) about the initiative

Q1. What is the Cyber ​​Innovation Fellows Initiative?

A1. The CISA Cyber ​​Innovation Fellows initiative offers technical experts from across the private sector the opportunity to integrate into CISA cybersecurity teams and contribute to CISA’s critical national mission while enhancing their own professional development and expertise.

Q2. Why is CISA undertaking this initiative?

A2. The rapidly evolving cyber risk landscape requires CISA to find new and innovative ways to engage new perspectives outside of the federal government. The Cyber ​​Innovation Fellows initiative marks an important milestone in CISA’s commitment to a broader community of experts whose training and experience, creativity around solutions, and desire to make a difference in improving global cybersecurity will generate dynamic contributions. , additional and valuable within CISA. mission space.

Q3. Who is eligible to participate?

A3. CISA is seeking technical experts with specific areas of cybersecurity expertise aligned with key focus areas such as cloud security, AI/ML, and secure software development. Experts must have several years of experience in their respective areas.

Q4. What qualities does CISA look for in a candidate?

A4. CISA’s work is based on collaboration and partnership with the private sector, other government agencies, international entities and other organizations. Candidates must be enthusiastic about working in a team, have excellent communication and organizational skills, and be proficient in their area of ​​technical expertise.

P5. What kind of activities will the participants carry out?

Fellows will help design, through consultation, the implementation of CISA’s cybersecurity programs and services, as well as strategies for scaling new approaches to artificial intelligence and machine learning, post-compromise containment, initiative evaluation and analysis, security in the cloud, in addition to CISA. legacy initiatives that support federal cybersecurity. To view current openings, visit the Potential Candidates webpage.

Q6. What is it like to work at CISA?

A6. As the Nation’s cyber defense agency, we were designed to be something different, not another government bureaucracy, but something much more like a public/private partnership. Additionally, CISA has a culture that embraces diversity and puts people first. CISA’s Core Values ​​represent the fundamental principles of the organization that guide all our actions: Collaboration, Innovation, Service, Responsibility.

P7. Where will the participants work? Will it be in person?

A7. Participants will have the option to work remotely, based on preference. They will also have on-site access if/when needed.

P8. Why should a company support the participation of an employee?

A8. Employees are always looking for career development and advancement opportunities, many of which are not available within your company. CISA’s Cyber ​​Innovation Fellows initiative allows companies to seize the opportunity to do both.

Additionally, participants will bring new knowledge to their home organization as they learn how the federal government responds to a nationwide cyber incident and come to understand CISA’s role as the primary federal agency responsible for protecting government and civilian networks. federal.

Q9. Does participating give a company and a special status?

A9. Allowing an employee to participate in the CISA Cyber ​​Innovation Fellows initiative provides development benefits for the Fellow, which in turn benefits their home company, but participation in the initiative does not confer a private sector organization any benefit direct or special status with CISA.

Q10: What happens if an insert wants to close before its planned end date?

A10. If the Participant or CISA determines that the Initiative is not appropriate, either may terminate prior to the termination date.

Q11: How many additions does CISA plan to make this year?

A11. CISA plans to hire up to eight fellows as part of the first cohort by 2022.

Q12: How long is the stay of each embedded?

A12: These positions are part-time, short-term, one or two days a week for up to four months. Experts will have the option to extend their time with CISA, but are limited to serving only 130 days within a 365-day period. Expert appointments under this initiative cannot be made prior to seeking permanent employment with CISA.

Q13: Are security clearances required?

A13. All federal jobs are subject to basic suitability/public trust checks; however, this initiative does not require security clearance.

Q14: Will candidates be compensated by CISA?

A14. Participants will be compensated solely by their private sector employer and must acknowledge that government positions will not be compensated.

Q15: Why should candidates participate in this initiative? What do they get out of it?

A15: The initiative aims to further the essential partnership between CISA and the private sector by ensuring the agency benefits from deep expertise in critical disciplines.

Fellows will gain professional development and bring new knowledge to their home organization as they learn how the federal government manages cyber risks on a global scale and CISA’s role as the nation’s cyber defense agency.

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