Cybersecurity should be a company-wide issue: Veeam CEO – Risk – Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity should be a company-wide issue: Veeam CEO – Risk – Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a priority for all IT and cybersecurity leaders, but it should be an issue for every other executive in an organization.

Veeam CEO Anand Eswaran spoke to Digital Nation during the VeeamOn 2022 conference in Las Vegas about how it is imperative that businesses make cybersecurity a top priority.

He said: “It is alarming how few companies have a defined process. But what happens when ransomware attacks happen and how do you do it?

“Given the increased incidence of ransomware right now, what I see with all the companies I’ve worked with, interacting with even before I came to the US, the company’s strategy for ransomware has become a real one. priority”.

With many employees working from home due to the pandemic, safety has become a priority for organizational boards.

“This is something similar, and by extension, many different aspects of safety become a board priority. That’s why you saw the rise of chief information security officers and now every company on the board of directors expects most companies to have essentially the entire security process in place,” Eswaran said.

“This is not just to say are we safe and are we not going to be raped? But do we have the right governance models in place?”

When companies are developing code, they need to assess whether there are sufficient governance processes, Eswaran explained.

“All of those issues are coming up in a big way and now board-driven, so the CISO may well report within the company, but the CISO, from what I see in public companies, is a dotted line to report to the board also at this time,” he said.

Opening with cyber attacks

As ransomware and cybersecurity attacks have become more common, leaders are willing to talk about them, according to Shiva Pillay, general manager and SVP APJ at Veeam.

“It’s not something new, it’s something we’re talking about more openly now because it used to be a secret. My training was security and you only talked about [cybersecurity] when it was bad, but now it’s a common occurrence. That is probably the biggest challenge that the customer faces,” he told Digital Nation.

Pillay highlighted the fact that enterprise customers are often much more technologically savvy and knowledgeable about how to solve their cybersecurity problems.

“But the ones that are being attacked are the small, medium and medium sized ones and they don’t necessarily have a great solution in place. In that sense, IT manager and IT security managers are the same person and where we fit in is that place to solve that problem in the complex world,” he added.

Cybersecurity has evolved to the point where more organizations and leaders are aware of attacks. Anthony Spiteri, Senior Global Technologist at Veeam, said the key to understanding is the prevalence of the attackers and the increased sophistication of the attacks.

He said: “I’ve talked about email phishing attempts before, and they’re a clickable attack, but now there are zero-click exploits coming into play.

“The reality is that everyone is going to be affected at some point. So how do you recover from that? How do you make sure you have backups? How do you have a set of tools to be able to get your business back up and running and in a hurry?”

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