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CYTRACOM Announces Network Security Platform for Modern MSPs Managing a Distributed Workforce

CYTRACOM Announces Network Security Platform for Modern MSPs Managing a Distributed Workforce
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CYTRACOM Announces Network Security Platform for Modern MSPs Managing a Distributed Workforce

“Enterprises are increasingly turning to MSPs to securely connect the distributed workforce, and the reality is that the tools available to MSPs today are numerous, but they leave a lot to be desired,” he said. Zane Conkle, Co-Founder and CEO of CYTRACOM. “Non-integrated point solutions create more complexity than benefit. ControlOne greatly simplifies complex network configuration and offers unified security policies and compliance to support the modern MSP and solve the network security needs of enterprises. This is the solution MSPs have been waiting for and SMBs need.”

Early access partners who tested the beta version of CYTRACOM’s ControlOne platform praised the simplicity and sophistication of the new solution. They were also impressed by the business and technical benefits built into the unified platform. These features save MSPs time, money, and talent, and allow them to easily configure and control processes with a single click to standardize security practices at scale for SMBs.

“ControlOne is incredibly simple yet fully addresses the complexity MSPs face when delivering managed security and connectivity to customers who truly work anywhere and everywhere.
Finally a channel provider has figured this out and delivered!”
mike bloomfield president, geek

“ControlOne’s intuitive features like the visual web builder and smart configuration defaults save us time and energy. What’s even better is that it helps us implement a standardized security practice.
lance keltnerOwner, uni computers

Key components of the ControlOne platform include:

  • Software Defined Perimeter: Visually build, deploy, and manage corporate networks, public cloud connectivity, and SD-WAN without legacy edge devices.
  • Secure remote access: VPN alternative that offers always-on connectivity and eliminates lateral attack vulnerabilities.
  • Zero Trust Security: Minimize the attack surface with Zero Trust Network Access and Device Posture Check (DPC).
  • Unified Threat Management (UTM): Comprehensive unified threat management including cloud firewall, intrusion prevention system (IPS), data loss prevention (DLP), and web content filtering.
  • Actionable Intelligence: Rich event attribution and intuitive reporting provide unparalleled visibility across the entire network and security stack.
  • Security posture management: Continuously enforce network security policies, prevent configuration drift, and ensure third-party compliance.

“MSPs are the default choice for growing businesses looking to leverage technology and stay securely connected. Solutions focused on the unique needs of MSPs are critical to their success, and CYTRACOM is proud to exclusively serve the MSP channel.” “, said John Tippett, director of operations, CYTRACOM. “With ControlOne, CYTRACOM brings MSPs back to what we initially did with voice, now in networking and security, bringing it all together in one easy-to-use platform that puts the MSP in control and provides an amazing customer experience.”

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CYTRACOM simplifies business connectivity and network security for MSPs across North America. With a reliable platform built on flexible cloud-based technology, CYTRACOM offers fully managed enterprise-grade voice, network and security solutions. The company is committed to a 100% channel-focused marketing model. As the shift to the cloud continues, Cytracom enables partners to expand their portfolios and ultimately expand their reach and revenue with end-to-end managed services. Unmatched tools, support and training give partners an edge over the competition, reinforcing Cytracom’s commitment to your success and confidence in your solution.

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