Dell Anchors Multi-Cloud Cyber ​​Recovery to APEX

Dell Anchors Multi-Cloud Cyber ​​Recovery to APEX

Andy Sim (Dell)

Andy Sim (Dell)

Credit: Dell Technologies

Dell Technologies has introduced managed services for cyber recovery in an expanded APEX portfolio, backed by enhanced partnerships with Microsoft, Amazon Web Services (AWS) and Snowflake for public and multi-cloud environments.

Under the banner of Dell APEX Cyber ​​​​Recovery Services, the move is the first in a series of new complete solutions that will be housed within the provider’s suite of products as a service, with the aim of simplifying business recovery from cyber attacks. .

Specifically, Dell will manage “day-to-day” cyber recovery vault operations and assist with data recovery, backed by standardized configurations and the experience of nearly 2,000 isolated vault solutions deployed worldwide.

“APEX is where we continue to bring simplicity, agility and control to the multi-cloud world,” said Chuck Whitten, Dell’s co-chief operating officer. “These services are fully integrated solutions managed by Dell technology throughout the lifecycle and are designed to provide fast time to value and scale on demand with the convenience of a subscription.”

revealed in the opening day of The world of Dell technologies In Las Vegas, the release provides “new options” for managed and public cloud cyber recovery offerings within multi-cloud environments. The solution is currently available in the US with broader availability planned for later this year.

“Enterprises can be confident in the ability to recover from a cyber attack and achieve more agility by offloading day-to-day data protection management, customers gain resiliency through recovery operations from an isolated immutable intelligent data vault,” Whitten added.

Dell’s increased focus on cybersecurity and managed services dovetails with the changing priorities of partners in ASEAN, a target that is expected to deliver a strong return on investment for the channel ecosystem.

According EDGE Research — Commissioned by Channel Asia and delivered in partnership with Tech Research Asia (TRA) — Developing managed services capabilities in response to evolving customer buying patterns ranks as a top priority for channel partners around the world. Southeast Asia, as the ecosystem adopts subscription-based sales.

Specifically, increasing annuity revenue is currently highlighted as the #1 strategic goal for value-added resellers, system integrators and solution providers in the region.

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