Dell software updates to increase security and capacity

Dell software updates to increase security and capacity

Dell Technologies says it has made more than 500 software advancements on Dell PowerStore, PowerMax and PowerFlex to deliver faster data insights, better multi-cloud data governance and greater cyber resiliency at no cost to existing customers.

The company says these updates are the latest examples of its storage software innovation following the introduction of Project Alpine, which will bring the enterprise power, performance and protection of Dell storage software to public clouds.

Dell Technologies Vice President and Co-COO Jeff Clarke says organizations around the world look to Dell to help them move faster and turn their data into a competitive advantage.

“We are delivering significant software innovation across our portfolio to help customers get the most out of their data and resources,” he says.

Dell PowerStore Enhancements

Dell PowerStore will offer up to 50% more application performance, 66% more capacity, enterprise file enhancements and new VMware integrations.

Dell Technologies says customers can better plan business continuity strategies with software-only high-availability metro replication configured in just five clicks.

It says additional software advancements make it possible for organizations to better support and secure file workloads with file-level retention, native file replication, and support for third-party file monitoring and ransomware protection.

Organizations will also be able to take advantage of the deepest VMware integrations, including improved vVol latency and performance, as well as simplified disaster recovery with VMware vSphere, Virtual Volumes (vVols) replication, VM-level snapshots, and fast clones.

They will also be able to maximize the performance of the new hardware with end-to-end NVMe support and faster network speeds.

Dell PowerMax Enhancements

Dell PowerMax will showcase advancements in cyber resiliency, including cyber vaults for traditional and mainframe deployments. Dell says CloudIQ ransomware capabilities help detect cyberattacks early to minimize exposure and speed recovery.

PowerMax now offers up to 65 million secure snapshots to improve cyber recovery and increase efficiency with the new 4:1 data reduction guarantee. Dell says additional software-driven updates help organizations increase productivity with automated storage operations, such as intelligent multi-array provisioning, workload optimization, and health monitoring and remediation.

Organizations will also be able to quickly move data to public clouds with faster delivery and retrieval of cloud snapshots, easy restore of data from cloud-based object storage, and built-in high availability to minimize The inactivity time.

Dell says users will experience twice the performance with up to 50% better response times in demanding mainframe and application environments on two new NVMe-based PowerMax models.

Dell PowerFlex Enhancements

Dell PowerFlex introduces file services to simplify workload consolidation and adds file support for all major container orchestration platforms.

Dell says the updates simplify multi-cloud and DevOps with the broadest file and block8 support for all major Kubernetes and container orchestration platforms from Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Red Hat, SUSE and VMware.

Additional upgrades enable customers to realize further TCO savings by consolidating traditional and containerized workloads using unified block and file storage services across bare metal and virtualized deployments.

Users will also be able to simplify PowerFlex deployment through NVMe-over-TCP connectivity with consistent, standards-based storage networking.

Dell says organizations can streamline operations with new unified compute, storage and system lifecycle management capabilities within PowerFlex Manager software.

Eric Burgener is vice president of research in IDC’s Infrastructure Systems, Platforms, and Technologies group. He says organizations are increasingly looking for an IT infrastructure that provides a cloud-like experience wherever their data resides.

“Dell has designed these extensive hardware and software enhancements across its comprehensive multi-cloud infrastructure portfolio to deliver that experience with greater automation, security and control,” he says.

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