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Do you want to enhance your cybersecurity skills? Get Started With These 12 Philadelphia Resources

Do you want to enhance your cybersecurity skills?  Get Started With These 12 Philadelphia Resources
Written by ga_dahmani
Do you want to enhance your cybersecurity skills?  Get Started With These 12 Philadelphia Resources
Cybersecurity has been a hot skill set for many years, but a recent tech skills report from CompTIA confirms it: the need for cyber jobs is on the rise.

In Philadelphia, it’s the third most in-demand skill set among technologists, representing nearly 14,000 professionals in the region in 2020. If you’re looking to make a career change this year and are considering a tech major, this might be the best fit. . your best bet.

As we dive into cyber security month whom TechnicallyWe hope to cover ransomware, internal teams vs. security companies, defensive and offensive tactics, and what this all looks like in the current state of the world.

So here’s a list of new (or new) resources, people, events, and community groups to learn about if you’d like to learn more about cybersecurity. But it’s also just the beginning: We’ll be watching all this month for resources we missed, people we should know, and groups dedicated to cybersecurity. Let us know who else is working in the space by sending a note to and we’ll add you to the list.

Cybersecurity Events and Meetings in Philadelphia

Philadelphia Security Shell

  • This local meetup focuses on hands-on learning and networking for those in information security, or looking to learn more about computer security and security careers. He’s planning to capture the flag and bar crawl event in may.

Philadelphia 2600

  • Meeting the first Friday of every month in the 30th Street Station food court, this gathering welcomes “hackers, phreaks, nerds, geeks, activists, tinkerers, developers, information professionals and other interesting people.” The group has been meeting since the early 1990s and is open to all technology enthusiasts. You don’t need to prepare a topic: to join, simply “sit at any table and keep an eye out for people discussing technology.”

Hack The Box Meeting

  • This new meeting is for anyone in the Philadelphia region (or Eastern Pennsylvania) who is interested in cybersecurity and penetration testing. The purpose of the group is to meet other computer security enthusiasts, discuss, exchange cybersecurity knowledge and hack Hack The Box machines. you can join the group discordor attend the group first meeting on April 14.
  • This educational and networking meeting is dedicated to all professionals involved in cybersecurity for automated processes and control systems. It is organizing an event on Wednesday, April 6, focused on Securing Software Supply Chains: Forging an Unbreakable Chain: After a year of high-profile cyber incidents against operational technology (OT) systems, this symposium will explore the “risks posed by lack of visibility in the OT software supply chain.” Expect to dive into the regulatory requirements initiated by the federal government and explore the impact of these regulations, both in the US and internationally.

Philadelphia Cyber ​​Security Summit

  • This July, the annual summit returns as a hybrid event for the fourth year, convening at the Marriott Philadelphia Downtown for a day-long event of panels, workshops and networking. Topics will include security for the cloud, cybersecurity and government, and ransomeware. Tickets are $195 for in-person and $95 for virtual attendance.

educational offerings

Penn LPS Coding Boot Camp

  • In 2019, University of Pennsylvania launched this cybersecurity bootcamp aimed at preparing those working in the digital sphere for a career in the fast-growing field. The 24-week part-time course was created in collaboration with the College of Liberal and Professional Studies (LPS) and the School of Engineering and Applied SciencesY it was organized after the university saw interest and success with a similar coding bootcamp. The next session begins May 31 and costs participants around $13,000.

State of Pennsylvania Protect Yourself Online

  • Aimed at end users, this Pennsylvania state government cybersecurity guide has tips on preventing identity theft, choosing strong passwords, protecting mobile devices, and more through a combination of videos, written instructions, and resource links. It has tips on how parents can keep the whole family cyber-safe as computers and mobile devices become more common for children from a young age, as well as tips on how to protect your work from home environment.

Cybersecurity Certificates from the Community College of Philadelphia

  • CCP offers a range of educational cybersecurity training from certification programs. Their Certificate of Competence in Cybersecurity I, for example, has 18 credits and says that it prepares the student to develop the technical, analytical and problem-solving skills necessary to protect the information technology assets of both the government and organizations. The university also offers 60-credit courses for deeper knowledge on the subject.

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