DVIDS – News – ‘Shield Con’ Helps Military Cyber ​​Defenders Learn the Latest in Cyber ​​Security and Network with Peers

DVIDS – News – ‘Shield Con’ Helps Military Cyber ​​Defenders Learn the Latest in Cyber ​​Security and Network with Peers

You’ve heard of Comic-Con, maybe even DEF Con, Web Con, Storm Con, ProductCon, DesignCon, Axe-con, or I.CON.
This year, Cyber ​​Shield, the Department of Defense’s premier unclassified cyber defense exercise, hosted “Shield Con.”
“What took away from the participants was sharing knowledge about cyber security, community engagement, team morale and networking within the military and sharing Department of Defense knowledge,” said Aaron Rosenmund, director of research and development. of the exercise and one of the key shield planners against.
The specific cybersecurity conference on June 11 was inspired by the BSides Conference, a public sector conference to develop cybersecurity knowledge, build relationships and professional networking.
Shield Con featured panel “talks” that covered topics such as building a National Guard cyber team, the Guard’s roles in election security, planning careers in cybersecurity, and others.
During the conference, the participants learned how digital locks work and how to secure them against lock pickers. They learned how cybercriminals can clone items like key chains and participated in a round of “backdoors and breeches,” a card game that trains cyber defenders in incident response. There were booths to help participants learn about current security threats and how these products work.
Lt. Col. Paul Neslusan of the Delaware Air National Guard’s 166th Cyber ​​Operations Squadron taught service members the importance of physical security by demonstrating how basic lockdown mechanisms work.
“Physical security plays a critical role in cyber security to protect information systems from unauthorized users. Understanding how a simple locking mechanism works helps further develop situational awareness with security defense in depth from a physical security standpoint,” said Neslusan.
Shield Con allowed participants to network, attend a career fair, and work with military members in every state and branch. This strengthened partnerships within the cyber community.

Cyber ​​Shield, the nation’s premier unclassified cyber training exercise, engages more than 800 Soldiers and Airmen from the National Guard, civilian experts, and other military services from across the country along with interagency partners from all levels of government and cyber leaders ranging from high-tech corporations to local public services.

This year, the exercise will take place June 5-17 at the Army National Guard Professional Education Center at Camp Joseph T. Robinson Maneuver Training Center, North Little Rock, Arkansas. The exercise is held at the unranked level to allow for more participation. The exercise is the result of the National Guard’s commitment to defending critical infrastructure from the growing threat of cyber attacks. Cyber ​​Shield’s mission is to develop, train, and exercise cyber forces in the areas of computer network internal defensive measures and cyber incident response. These capabilities facilitate the National Guard Cyber ​​Teams’ abilities to conduct missions to coordinate, train, and assist federal, state, and industry network owners who are threatened by cyber attack.

Leading trainers from the cyber defense industry will conduct training courses for exercise participants such as Security+, Linux+, CISSP and more. This will be followed by running a cyber range to test the capabilities of our nation’s cyber defenders.

Date to be held: 06.11.2022
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