Edge optimizes network performance with ADVA ALM fiber monitoring technology

Edge optimizes network performance with ADVA ALM fiber monitoring technology

NEWARK, New Jersey–(COMMERCIAL WIRE)–ADVA (FSE: ADV) today announced that Edge, a New Jersey-based regional research and education (R&E) network, has expanded its deployment of the ALM ADVA fiber monitoring solution to improve service performance in real time and reduce operating costs. In-Service Assurance technology enables Edge to quickly detect and locate faults in its optical transport infrastructure in New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania. With more complete network visibility, the Edge can instantly respond to fiber issues and fix them before services are affected. The ability to immediately identify areas of concern and precisely target maintenance efforts also helps reduce truck trips and improves profitability.

“As Edge’s network and member base expands, we continually strive to improve our reliability and customer experience. To do so, Edge has relied on ADVA technology for years and we look forward to leveraging its continued innovation to benefit our members. ADVA’s ALM guarantee solution offers real-time information on the quality of our fiber. It tells us exactly where repairs are needed, and that has proven to be a huge help in terms of time and cost savings. In the past, we might have known there was an issue causing intermittent outages somewhere between New York and Philadelphia, for example. It could take days to find it using traditional manual OTDR tests. Now we can react quickly and accurately, and no more time is wasted on site visits,” said an Edge spokesperson. “ALM allows us to fix problems before they affect end users and provide even stronger and more efficient services, helping our customers advance research, education and economic development throughout the region.”

The ADVA ALM maximizes resource efficiency by providing comprehensive fiber health assurance. Now instantly alerts Edge to any fiber breaks or abnormal attenuation. The solution also helps to strengthen network security by notifying maintenance teams of intervention attempts. The non-intrusive service-independent appliance identifies the exact geographic location of events through an intuitive graphical user interface. With fanless operation and low power consumption, the ultra-compact ALM improves operational efficiency and sustainability across the entire edge infrastructure.

“The Edge network is a vital resource for the scientists, educators and healthcare providers they serve. We are proud to support their team as they provide even more to help organizations digitize their operations and achieve their strategic goals,” said John Scherzinger, senior vice president of sales for the Americas at ADVA. “Our ALM solution provides the Edge with a complex understanding of their fiber optic infrastructure. The tiny device has already made a big impact, helping the service provider diagnose and fix problems while making maintenance easier and more environmentally friendly.”

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Founded in 2000, Edge, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation, serves as a purpose-built research and education wide area networking and technology solutions partner. Edge connects members with affordable and easy access to high-performance optical networks, basic Internet and Internet2 services, and a variety of technology-based products, solutions, and services. Edge’s consortium of members is made up of colleges and universities, K-12 schools and districts, government entities, healthcare networks, and businesses spread across the continental US. The group is governed by the New Jersey Council of Presidents with offices in Newark, Princeton and Wall Township, New Jersey. For more information please visit: www.njedge.net.

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