Enterprise-grade cybersecurity is now affordable for SMBs

DUBAIUAE, May 23, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — In today’s interconnected world, cyber security is becoming a must-have for organizations of all sizes. Businesses, large and small, need robust security solutions to protect against ever-increasing threats that become more sophisticated and far-reaching. With businesses using and exposed to a myriad of applications, networks, devices, and endpoints, breach threats are growing in complexity and opportunity. In addition to financial losses, which last year amounted to nearly $1 billionthe impact of cybercrime can be felt through data breaches, network and operations outages, loss of trust, and spiraling prevention costs.

In this context, cyber security companies are always developing new technologies, countermeasures and protection systems. Farhad KhaliniaCEO of Penta, a Dubai Y Geneva leading IT security solutions company, explains: “Given the complexity and opportunity of cybercrime, a robust security management program must be able to mitigate IT risks, anticipate and respond to security incidents, and maintain Compliance with the rules and regulations of these areas will compromise effectiveness, often with a significant detrimental impact on results.”

Security companies use a combination of information and event management systems to introduce security information and event management (SIEM) systems as part of any viable security operations center (SOC). SIEM has been in use for the last decade, but has grown considerably from its initial core role of monitoring logs. It now uses advanced software to monitor and analyze telemetry and logs from IT infrastructure points in real time to detect irregularities and behavioral patterns that could indicate threats. It relies on data collection from multiple sources and formats, and can be managed by internal IT security teams or independently as an outsourced service.

Additionally, and based on extensive audits and assessments, IT risk solution portfolios must now cover a broad spectrum of services, including governance, regulatory and compliance requirements, and a host of ancillary services, such as policy development, insurance support, training and awareness. monitoring and reporting. The key is to find the sweet spot of cost versus benefit that matches the organization’s requirements to address the actual potential threats. Products like Penta Sentinel aim to find this sweet spot.

Farhad added: “Winning the war against cybercrime is no longer limited to large organizations, banks and government authorities. Today’s SMEs are global concerns with complex supply chains, interconnected networks and international customers. They need the same standard security for their operations and to safeguard their reputation. The war will be won by those companies that can get the right support, at the right price, in a scalable way, with an IT security firm that works as a partner in their business.”

About Penta

Penta is a private cloud-based information systems management company founded in 1996. It is headquartered in Geneva with offices in from Dubai DIFF. Penta’s customers are predominantly in the financial sector and other sensitive industries that require high reliability, data security, regulatory compliance, and guaranteed business continuity. Penta’s approach is to partner with customers to deliver a complete IT package to add value to operations and ensure a better return on IT investments. Additional information is available at www.penta.ch.

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