What are the goals of the Digital Society e.V.

We want to maintain and shape an open and free digital society. It follows, on the one hand, to counteract restrictions and the dismantling of digital freedoms and civil rights and, on the other hand, to demand the realization of digital potentials for a freer access to knowledge, more transparency and participation as well as creative development.

How do you try to reach your goals?

We try to achieve our goals with a mix of different, campaign-oriented activities. These include printed information materials such as brochures and flyers, campaign websites such as echtesnetz.de, press releases and statements on current topics, service and information portals such as opendata-kommunen.de as well as appearances at conferences and own events such as the evening of net politics every 1. Tuesday in Month. We also report regularly on our blog (link) and via a newsletter (subscription link).

How do you work?

At the moment we are a completely virtual and networked organization with about 35 members, all of whom volunteer. The majority lives in Berlin, but we also have members in Brussels, Hamburg and Vienna. The background of our members is diverse, from political scientist to media designer and lawyer to computer science professor, there is a lot of it.

One of our activities is to write statements, to go to Brussels or to the provincial capitals in order to convince politicians in many one-to-one talks, to create a public sphere, office and organ games, etc.

One goal is therefore to achieve a sufficiently high and regular amount of donations as soon as possible in order to create jobs for activists and to be able to produce a variety of information materials. It can only be good for civil rights if people work hard on these issues. Do you have any idea how many permanent employees our political opponents have? For this purpose, we also apply for funding from independent foundations.

How do you decide what you do?

Quite a lot we discuss on our internal mailing list grassroots or according to the “who wants” principle. As with any registered association, the General Assembly and the board elected by it decides on particularly important issues and statutory issues. The Board of Directors is re-elected at regular intervals. You can find the statute here. Otherwise, we are always open to suggestions of any kind: the quality of a proposal is not measured by the person who makes it, nor by its position.

How can you join in?

We regularly provide opportunities to support our work and campaigns. We are also always happy to offer you your own skills and time. Unfortunately, as we are currently volunteering, we have not yet come up with the magic formula and the right processes to get more people involved.

The in-house work works according to the web-of-trust principle. In order to gain the necessary basis of mutual trust, we try to increase the number of new members carefully. New members are proposed by old members.