flexiWAN partners with InsidePacket to offer a hybrid and modular SASE solution

flexiWAN partners with InsidePacket to offer a hybrid and modular SASE solution

flexiWAN-InsidePacket Integrated Solution Architecture

The integrated solution enables MSPs and cloud providers to seamlessly onboard their enterprise customers to SASE’s modern secure networking services.

The integration of InsidePacket with flexiWAN SD-WAN creates a comprehensive SASE offering that runs on commodity hardware and an open ecosystem.”

— Eli Karpilovski, CEO and founder of InsidePacket

ISRAEL, June 27, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Tel Aviv, June 27, 2022 – flexiWAN, the world’s first open source SD-WAN and SASEannounced today that it has partnered with InsidePacket to offer an integrated hybrid SASE solution serving MSPs and cloud providers. The integrated solution brings together the best of both companies’ capabilities, including SSE and SD-WAN with multitenant. This partnership also enables the ability to quickly and easily build and deploy secure connectivity between business locations and users of the cloud services that the business consumes.

The companies will demonstrate the solution in a joint webinar on July 19 at 10am EST, 4pm CET.

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“InsidePacket offers a ‘brown field’ implementation in cloud provider infrastructure, enabling cloud providers to offer ‘cloud-like’ connectivity and managed services to their enterprise customers.” Said Eli Karpilovski, CEO and founder of InsidePacket. “flexiWAN’s SD-WAN integration creates the combined solution, a comprehensive SASE offering running on commodity hardware and an open ecosystem.

“The integration of the two solutions demonstrates the value of open systems that can be easily combined to create a complete and open SASE solution with open APIs, automation, orchestration and scalability through the flexiWAN application concept.” said Amir Zmora, CEO and co-founder of flexiWAN. “InsidePacket and flexiWAN share the same vision of open systems that are easy to implement and maintain. This made our partnership a natural match.”

Key benefits of the joint solution include:
– Designed for large-scale, native multi-tenant cloud providers and MSPs
– Fast time to service with easy onboarding and configuration of enterprise networks and their cloud connectivity
– Enables hybrid deployments with edge security and routing policy, providing more options to define routing of specific types of traffic through cloud security or directly to the Internet according to MSP or enterprise policy.
– Expandable through apps
– Built-in automation and orchestration
– Advanced security and SD-WAN capabilities powered by AI

join us for a live webinar and demo

On July 19, flexiWAN and InsidePacket will host a live webinar and demo. In this webinar you will learn:

– What Managed SD-WAN and SSE options are available to providers today?
– How does an open ecosystem model affect the costs, agility and flexibility of the network?
– How emerging managed SD-WAN, cloud connectivity and services offerings differ from traditional offerings available in the market
– How flexiWAN and InsidePacket provide a cloud-based SD-WAN with built-in security and a flexible management model

About flexiWAN
flexiWAN is on a mission to disrupt and democratize the SD-WAN and SASE markets. With its “3 world firsts”: First open source SD-WAN and SASE; First SD-WAN & SASE App Store; First SD-WAN and SASE SaaS business model, flexiWAN offers a different and open approach to networks.

To learn more about flexiWAN’s unique approach to networking, visit www.flexiwan.comand follow the company on Twitter (https://twitter.com/flexiWan) and LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/flexiwan).

About InsidePacket
In the age of data explosion, multi-cloud networking and security push enterprise IT infrastructure beyond its limits. InsidePacket helps digital infrastructure companies compete against HyperScalers to provide the best enterprise network, network security, and managed services to their enterprise customers.

To learn more about the Insidepacket solution, visit www.insidepacket.comand follow the company on LinkedIn (https://www.linkedin.com/company/insidepacket).

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