How much can delaying a cyber threat assessment cost your business?

How much can delaying a cyber threat assessment cost your business?

Among cybercriminal groups, Lazarus (North Korea), Conti (Russia) and Mustang Panda (China), almost every business in every industry is on the radar of hackers. For geopolitical and economic reasons, these groups have intensified their scanning and targeting activities in the last 4 weeks. Although evidence of collaboration is scant, there is some evidence indicating that at least two of these groups have exchanged a list of targets in the past.

So what do we have to worry about?

  • Targeted attacks on OT networks are on the rise, and depending on who is attacking, the motivation could be anything from ransomware, disruption, elimination of the competition, or even training.
  • Oil and gas facilities have been successfully attacked in the last two months and the ransom that came from these attacks has fueled a new wave of attacks by Conti (including the release of new multi-payload malware that was released before )
  • While Lazarus is primarily focused on the financial services sector, it could shift to targeting manufacturing units and other critical or large chemical processing units for ransom.
  • Most of the attacks are based on spear-phishing using specific messages.
  • By targeting oil, gas, and manufacturing, hackers are also trying to destabilize economies and large supply chains.
  • Even without these events, 2022 has been a tough year for CISOs with
Cost of Avoiding a Threat Assessment - Sectrio
Cost of Avoiding a Cyber ​​Threat Assessment

Cyber ​​threat assessment for IT, OT and IoT is the need of the hour

Most companies do not conduct security audits often enough. They are also not investing adequately in increasing their security posture to cover new and emerging threats. The reason for this is simple. These companies are not conducting enough threat assessments to understand the internal and external threats and vulnerabilities to which they are exposed. This makes such threats and vulnerabilities invisible to them and these companies continue to operate in BAU mode as threats multiply and grow in sophistication and potential impact.

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A threat assessment exercise when done the right way at the right time could save millions in revenueavoided downtime and loss of market share due to delays in product production and shipping.

What are the components of a good threat assessment program?

  • Frequency: exercise calendar so that the exercise is resumed periodically and frequently
  • Coverage: Covers the infrastructure as a whole, including devices, networks, HMI units, SCADA systems, data platforms, and everything connected. It should also cover access privileges and any and all components, including, if possible, assets that haven’t been added yet but will be soon.
  • Methodology and framework: Threat assessment should not be aligned with compliance objectives alone. Instead, you must also consider all operational sources of risk, threat surfaces, and all infrastructure components. The core framework should be flexible enough to incorporate any changes in operations, and ideally the methodology should be unique to your business, taking into account the parameters mentioned above. It is advisable to build a unique methodology and framework for your threat assessment program.
  • Be clear about goals and outcomes. Furthermore, a threat assessment program that does not have a action plan to improve safety it’s as good as a nonexistent one

working with a cyber threat assessment a partner like Sectrio can improve results and reduce the learning curve. Sectrio will build a unique framework and method for you from scratch and carry out the exercise as well.

Benefits of the Sectrio Threat Assessment Program:

  • Get a comprehensive report on your cyber security posture including all threats, risks, vulnerabilities, misconfigurations, exposed threat surfaces, and entry points for threats.
  • Prioritize top threats so you can avoid straining your resources while addressing threats
  • Action plan and roadmap to address challenges and scale to the next level of security
  • Rating of how your current security posture compares to your threat environment
  • Impact assessment for key risks, vulnerabilities
  • Improve the maturity level of IT operations and improve data security
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How much can delaying a cyber threat assessment cost your business? – Industry

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How much can delaying a cyber threat assessment cost your business? – Industry

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