How the Dell Student TechCrew is “shaping” the next generation of IT leaders

How the Dell Student TechCrew is “shaping” the next generation of IT leaders

Student TechCrew empowers students to be their own school’s IT support, giving them access to technology skills and training for future tech jobs, while providing the school with a valuable resource at no additional cost. the cathedral college students have completed the first year of the program.

At the end of the program, students train the next ‘class’ of Student technical team participants and help them earn their Dell TechDirect certification, an industry qualification that IT professionals use to manage their devices, allowing the program to expand even further.

Dell Technologies has successfully carried out this initiative around the world and The Cathedral College is one of the first Australian schools to participate.

The initiative is designed to promote future professional skills and learning through Dell’s industry-leading technical certification program and hands-on experience as students help peers and school staff members with technology issues.

Three local schools have participated in the program over the past year, with a further six signed up to participate in 2022. The schools, located in New South Wales, Queensland and Victoria, will provide their students with the career preparation skills and certifications to help them prosper in the IT sector after finishing school.

Below, we provide a summary of the key points, as well as some quotes from various speakers.

Empowering the future leaders of Australia and New Zealand

Following impressive results in North America, Dell Technologies has begun implementation of the program in ANZ.

This year, six new schools in Australia and New Zealand will participate in the initial teacher training program to establish Dell Student TechCrews from their individual school. This follows in the successful footsteps of the inaugural ANZ Student TechCrew school, The Cathedral College in Rockhampton, Central Queensland.

Director of the Catholic co-educational boarding school rober alexander says being chosen by world leaders Dell Technologies to be the first school in Australia to offer their Student TechCrew program is a great honour. “We are delighted because this will give our students from a wide range of backgrounds a cutting-edge advantage that they can share with their peers.”

“Our Dell Student TechCrew has the opportunity to drive a world-class program by earning industry qualifications that will equip them with the skills they need to thrive in the IT industry while helping their peers with IT support.” he said.

Will, a student at The Cathedral College, said the highlight of the program is the career paths it opens up for students. “The qualifications we receive give us a clear advantage in the STEM field to study and work beyond school. Seeing passionate people through virtual field studies who love their work in IT makes this career very attractive and opens your eyes to what can be possible.”

“The Dell Student TechCrew program has given me a tremendous sense of empowerment and independence that makes me not have to depend on others,” says Maridon, a Year 12 student and the only female in the program who encourages other girls to join.

“Technology is our present and future. Knowing that I can work with and understand technology through the qualifications provided by the Dell Student TechCrew program is invaluable to my future.”

Aaron Nun, IT Manager at The Cathedral College, which is said to be the first school outside of North America to join the Student TechCrew program, it is a wonderful privilege and opportunity for the school community.

“From industry qualifications to hands-on, valuable soft skills and insights, our students have enthusiastically embraced the program and are eager to broaden their future career paths.” he said.

The program features a ‘train the trainer’ model, in which Dell Technologies trains educators or non-profit partners on how to deliver TechDirect certification, which has been tailored to meet the needs of high school students.

Using the Conrad Design Method developed by the Conrad Foundation, a nonprofit organization and strategic giving partner of Dell Technologies, the program equips students with future career skills such as problem solving, entrepreneurship, and innovative thinking. Students are also invited to participate in the Conrad Challenge, where teams compete to develop innovative solutions to global challenges.

Based on feedback from the initial pilot, starting in April of this year, TechCrew introduced on-demand training for schools and a monthly live Q&A session for teachers. In June, step-by-step lesson plans will be available to participating schools.

Angela Fox, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Dell Technologies Argentinasays it’s only a matter of time before programs like Student TechCrew go mainstream. “When you reflect on the skills shortages facing the tech industry, as well as hybrid learning education models that have become more pervasive, programs like this play a critical role in equipping students with the tools they need to succeed. the future. These student-led support services provide these young people with the opportunity to gain knowledge and experience in our industry. It allows them to become comfortable with technology, inspiring them to study IT at a tertiary level which ultimately nurtures the next generation of IT professionals.”

The importance of Dell Student TechCrew

A global technology shortage of 4.3 million is anticipated to arrive by 2030. Technology is at the core of innovation, so in order for us to progress as a society, we need to ensure we are helping the next generation of leaders and workers. . understand the complexities of the IT industry.

In 2015, when the growing presence of technology in schools began to outstrip the IT resources available to service devices, Kim Bouwellworking for a school district in Texas, came up with a brilliant idea: let students become their own IT support.

A few years later, when Boutwell joined Dell Technologies, he took their program forward and, coupled with Dell’s industry-leading IT scale and certification, they were able to bring TechCrew to schools across the United States.

Litzy Whiffinformer student of Colleyville Independent School DistrictTexas in the USA says the Student TechCrew has had a profound impact on their career goals.

“Before the Dell Student TechCrew program, I wasn’t sure if I really wanted to go to college. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to pursue,” she says. “I had the idea for TI, but I wasn’t too sure and I wasn’t ready yet. Now, I am sure that I want to go to university and pursue a career in IT.”

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