Jamf Introduces New Technologies for Enterprise Security

Jamf Introduces New Technologies for Enterprise Security

Jamf is showcasing new technologies it has developed to help organizations deliver a secure and easy business environment for consumers.

The company adds that its new network security capabilities for macOS make it the only vendor that manages and protects Apple’s first business.

“Organizations shouldn’t have to choose between comprehensive security and exceptional ease of use in today’s work-anywhere environments,” says Jamf’s vice president of portfolio strategy, Michael Covington.

“That’s why we’re excited to expand the security capabilities available on the consumer-friendly, enterprise-safe platform that our customers know and love.

“At Jamf, we are rethinking endpoint security to meet the needs of the modern enterprise. We want organizations to confidently ship devices out into the world that have good baseline configurations that can detect and stop malware compromise, and that are equipped with preventative measures to block inbound attacks like phishing from impacting worker productivity.” .

Jamf’s new functionality includes enhancements to Jamf Protect, making the company the only comprehensive endpoint and network security platform built for Apple.

Additionally, Jamf announced a new suite of endpoint protection technologies for macOS to deliver all the tools an organization needs on a single platform to maintain strong device security hygiene, detect attacks, and prevent malware from compromising endpoints. .

Furthermore, with these new technologies, the company also aims to stop incoming threats before they put users or devices at risk.

Jamf Protect enhancements include:

Network Threat Prevention

To address the need for threat prevention in macOS, Jamf announced that it is expanding its macOS Endpoint Protection feature to include threat prevention capabilities that add network-based indicators of compromise to the solution.

powerful analytics

Jamf explains that its endpoint protection provides a comprehensive log for endpoint and network security events, enabling InfoSec teams to isolate and remediate detected threats, investigate incidents using both on-device and on the network, and experience visibility into your environments.

removable storage

New removable storage controls have been introduced to ensure that sensitive business data is only written to encrypted USB mass media drives, protecting against physical loss and unauthorized access to data.

In addition to these enhancements, Jamf also announced the release of Jamf Trust, an intuitive application designed for employees to power workflows associated with Jamf security products such as Jamf Threat Defense, Jamf Safe Internet, Jamf Data Policy, and Jamf Private Access.

Launching on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, Android, and Windows this month, Jamf Trust will also allow users to access powerful security capabilities without impacting device performance or productivity.

Another addition is Jamf Safe Internet, which is designed for students and combines content filtering and network threat prevention features that block unsafe content and malicious attacks, including malware and phishing attacks.

The company explains that Jamf Safe Internet works with an extensive content filtering database and includes lightweight technology to filter results without invading student privacy and without sacrificing the learning experience provided by Apple devices.

Jamf Safe Internet will be available for macOS and iOS this winter.

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