JupiterOne Releases ‘Reinventing Cybersecurity’ Book, A Collection Of Stories From Non-Binary, Female Security Practitioners Challenging The Status Quo

JupiterOne Releases ‘Reinventing Cybersecurity’ Book, A Collection Of Stories From Non-Binary, Female Security Practitioners Challenging The Status Quo

Stories of security pioneers, including Breanne Boland, smooth roomdr Meg LaytonY latha maripurihighlight how positive change is fostered by reinventing our approaches to security

MORRISVILLE, North Carolina, May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — JupiterOne, the industry-leading cyber attack surface management (CAASM) platform provider, today announced the release of the latest publication from JupiterOne Press, Reinvent cybersecuritya collection of original stories from female and non-binary security professionals. Reinvent cybersecurity will be available on Amazon and for free download at JupiterOne.

JupiterOne logo (PRNewsfoto/JupiterOne)

JupiterOne logo (PRNewsfoto/JupiterOne)

Reinvent cybersecurity explores the central theme: reinventing approaches to cybersecurity. Captures a diverse set of perspectives on how to reinvent yourself through professional development, regardless of age or circumstance, refocus your mindset using current security strategies, and reimagine the future of cybersecurity by improving with advice from leadership in safety. While each author started with the same message, readers will find that each story uncovers a unique aspect of the cybersecurity industry, ranging from the intimate to the epic, from earth to far future, from hope to determination.

Expert perspectives appeal to security professionals from diverse backgrounds and at all career levels, from those just entering the field to those already leading large security teams. Even though that him US Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that 57 percent of working-age women in the US are employed, recent data from the International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium [ISC(2)] shows that women make up only 24 percent of the cybersecurity workforce. Reinvent cybersecurity it’s a conscious decision to showcase expert opinions on security skillsets, tools, and leadership from a host of highly rated authors who are also women and non-binary people at the top of their fields.

Reinvent cybersecurity includes stories and voices from a wide range of people with diverse backgrounds, from the CISO of a Fortune 500 technology company to an individual contributor new to the cybersecurity space. Some notable contributors to the book include latha maripuriCISO at Uber; smooth room, CISO in Color; dr Meg Layton, Head of Engineering and Security Architecture of the National Children’s Hospital; Y Breanne BolandProduct Safety Engineer at Gusto.

Published by JupiterOne Press, the book is organized into three sections: Reinventing Our Future, Reinventing Who We Are; and reinventing what we do. Some of the chapter topics include five strategic priorities for the modern CISO; Change security from a dreaded mechanic to an income stream; Pushing old habits and retraining muscle memory; and Changing the Culture of ‘No.’

Executive editor and organizer of the book, jasmine henrydirector of field safety for JupiterOne, is the volunteer organizer of the Career Village in In addition to Seattle 2022 on may 14where you will organize a book signing with another author Angela Marafino, program manager at Microsoft. At this year’s RSA Conference (RSAC) in San FranciscoJupiterOne will host a book signing on June 7th at booth #0325 in the Moscone South Expo Hall. Additionally, Henry will moderate a DevOpsConnect: DevSecOps panel during RSAC at June 7th with fellow authors Breanne BolandGusto Product Safety Engineer; coleen shane, network security engineer for Quick Quack Car Wash; Y Tracy Bannon, Senior Director, Software Architect and DevOps Consultant for MITRE. In addition, the authors will appear as guests on the JupiterOne Cyber ​​therapy live stream.

JupiterOne has a deep, fundamental commitment to improving diversity, equity, and inclusion in the technology industry. The company has many women in leadership positions, including the executive editor and organizer of the book, the director of field security. jasmine henryand author preface Amy DeversChief of Staff and Head of People and Culture.

Reinvention is a core tenet of JupiterOne, an award-winning cyber asset management and attack surface startup that embraces an open and inclusive culture. With today’s security teams responsible for managing an average of 160,000 assets (an average ratio of 562 assets to every human employee), security teams need to constantly optimize and reinvent their approach to keeping their organizations secure.


Erkang Zhengfounder and CEO of JupiterOneReinvent cybersecurity embodies the essential ideals of diversity, equity, inclusion and openness, that we hug tightly at JupiterOne. This book reflects our commitment to building a modern work culture with room for employee growth and the opportunity to innovate. Hiring strategies and teams must include people from underrepresented backgrounds, regardless of disability status, mental health, sexual orientation, race, gender identity, neurodiversity, or body size. Embracing a wide range of viewpoints and experiences benefits every company.”

jasmine henrydirector of field security at JupiterOne and executive editor of Reinventing Cybersecurity,
“Every story in Reinvent cybersecurity stands as a singular testament to the spirit of the security community, which is filled with some of the brightest and most dedicated people who work tirelessly to protect their organizations. Many of us are unconventional thinkers and personalities who have overcome adversity to reach our positions of influence and are now dedicated to removing barriers for others. The people in this book give me hope for the future.”

nicole schwartzCOO and Chairman of the Board of The Diana Initiative
“Don’t put this book down. It’s not just a ‘This is a problem. See examples and do your research’ book. You will be taken through the history and the author’s own life with examples of the problems in the security industry.” and how they overcame these problems. You will learn how you can help increase diversity. Increasing diversity is not just about being equitable, it is about accepting a variety of people’s different approach problems and the diversity of knowledge that they have. That combination can make your security team terrifyingly effective.

didi daytonPartner at Wing Venture Capital
“The cybersecurity industry is three years behind in its demand for skilled labor, and yet women still make up only a small percentage of the workforce. The unique perspective of women in the security community cyber provides key information for a more modern approach to talent, the industry’s number one problem, and how we can change that immediately.”

Mari GallowayCEO and founding board member of the Women’s Cyberjutsu Society
“Women and minorities not only bring diversity of thought to conversations and decisions, but we bring our varied experiences, both good and bad, to the table. This provides a fairer and more equitable distribution of power and influence in technology, removing bias that I’ve seen in space.

alya franklinco-founder and partner, Aleada Consulting and co-founder and board member, Women in Security and Privacy
“Reinventing Cybersecurity provides unique perspectives from dynamic security professionals from diverse backgrounds. These experts are breaking down barriers as they navigate the challenging role of managing information security for organizations in an evolving threat landscape. Today’s security leaders and next-generation cybersecurity professionals will be inspired by these personal stories of resiliency working in challenging environments and driving industry change to support innovation. These pages are packed with practical guidance on how to succeed in security leadership roles and adapt security management practices as technology rapidly changes. “

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