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KLA Moves Design Analysis for PCB Manufacturing to the Cloud

KLA Moves Design Analysis for PCB Manufacturing to the Cloud
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KLA Moves Design Analysis for PCB Manufacturing to the Cloud

An on-site DFM analysis can often take hours or even days, causing considerable delays in the mass production of PCBs for the electronics industry. To speed up this process, KLA is transferring its proven computer-aided engineering and manufacturing (CAM) technologies to the cloud, where computing power is virtually infinite.

“As a leader in PCB CAM, engineering and Industry 4.0 solutions, our customers share with us the bottlenecks that slow down their PCB manufacturing process,” he said. They were Lazarus, General Manager, Frontline Division and Vice President of KLA. “We decided to meet the challenges of DFM analysis by harnessing the unlimited computing power of the cloud, while keeping the proven application intact. For PCB fabricators eager to take full advantage of cloud-based efficiencies while maintaining stringent security protocols, we continually ensure that Frontline Cloud Services meets the highest security standards.”

Anecdotally, customers who conducted benchmark tests on complex PCBs saw First line cloud services enables up to 90% faster DFM analysis speeds. For example, a customer producing high-density interconnect (HDI) PCBs saw analysis time drop significantly from 75 hours to 30 minutes when running the same DFM analysis on-premises compared to Frontline Cloud Services, respectively. A similar test was carried out by another customer producing PCBs for miniLEDs, and the analysis time was reduced from nine hours to 20 minutes.

For PCB fabricators, Frontline Cloud Services can:

  • Accelerate DFM analysis to meet increasing productivity demands
  • Save on IT costs with scalable computing resources and monitored usage reports
  • Address emerging electronic trends like 5G and miniLED, and their increased design complexity
  • Provide access to constantly reliable, available and updated services and tools
  • Ensure the highest cloud security standards in the industry with factory and work level security
  • Enable rapid onboarding to cloud-based system with no training or implementation required

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