Linktree Launches Marketplace as a “Comprehensive New Directory” for Partner Link Apps and Integrations

Linktree Launches Marketplace as a “Comprehensive New Directory” for Partner Link Apps and Integrations

The creator of the online ecosystem, Linktree, has launched the Linktree Marketplace, a new comprehensive directory for Link partner applications and integrations.

Linktree says the marketplace is designed to enhance the user experience by boosting its extensive partner network’s exposure to users and visitors with the breadth of digital experiences and services in a singular destination.

Linktree announced that Link Apps and beta integration partners at launch include Audiomack, Bandsintown, Cameo, Community, Gleam, GoFundMe, OpenSea, PayPal, Venmo, Reddit, SoundCloud, Spring, Square, Typeform.

“As the digital landscape becomes increasingly complex to navigate, Linktree recognizes that connecting users to a strong network of partnership and integration is key to its success. For users, the new partner directory can be found in the Explore menu within the product and externally on the Linktree website, with over 30 linking apps and third-party integrations accessible in one place,” said Linktree.

“Marketplace provides a win-win model with Linktree visitors now able to watch, listen, shop and more in one place. Marketplace, in turn, provides feedback on views, streams, donations, bookings, purchases, and more for creators. With existing partners in commerce, social media, gaming, music, and finance, the Marketplace launch also comes with the addition of four new Linktree partners, including Cameo, Gleam, Typeform, and Reddit.

“Creators and online businesses use an increasing number of platforms, leading to an increasing fragmentation of creator identity, audiences, content and online traffic. This is strongly signaled by creator behaviors, with Linktree reporting that their creators link to an average of 9 different platforms. Link Apps help unify a creator’s digital presence and allow them to share anything from anywhere, all in one place, leading to greater discovery and engagement across their entire offering.”

alex zaccariaco-founder and CEO of link Tree, said: “We are always looking for innovative and category-leading ways to reinvent the ‘link-in-bio’ offering. The expansion of our platform for creating Linktree Marketplace is the latest update that speaks to the ever-evolving needs of the creator. It’s an incredibly exciting time for us as we continue to expand our list of partnerships with other brilliant creator tools, which in turn extend and strengthen the power of Linktree for creators.”

At the Marketplace launch, CEO of Spring, chris lamontagne says, “A core part of Spring’s mission is to provide cutting-edge integrations to enable our creators to further reach and monetize their audiences. Since launching our first of its kind eCommerce integration with Linktree last year, we’ve seen the platform become one of our top sources of referral traffic for Spring creators. Linktree-referred traffic to Spring has grown 53% and revenue powered by Linktree has increased 68% since we launched with them in 2021. We are excited to serve more creators now through the Linktree Marketplace.”

As a new partner joining the Linktree Marketplace, arthur leopoldPresident of Cameo says, “Cameo is about creating personalized connections between fans and the stars they love. Since fandoms thrive on social media, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen our talent widely adopt Linktree and in turn drive more traffic to the Cameo site through links in bios. Linktree’s development tools made it easy for us to build a link app so Cameo’s talent can now engage with their audience even more seamlessly.”

Director of fonta new Linktree partner, Joaquim Lecha says, “At Typeform, we’re committed to helping creators and businesses grow and engage their audience through easy-to-use online engagement solutions. With our new Typeform Link app, creators can leverage Typeform’s conversational experience to help build a closer online relationship with their fans and customers, right in their Linktree.”

Fabrice Sergeant, bandsintown‘s Co-Founder and Managing Partner says, “The uptick in live events is giving fans endless opportunities to discover shows in their area and feel connected again with their favorite artists. We’re excited to offer this Linktree integration to the 560,000 artists who use Bandsintown to promote their live shows. Since its launch earlier this year, thousands of artists have used our Linktree integration, including Usher, The Smashing Pumpkins, Black Eyed Peas, The Strokes, and more. All of them have harnessed the excitement on social media to drive awareness of the new tour dates and ultimately ticket sales.”

Linktree says that Marketplace is its first step in opening up its platform to developers and has been privately refining its developer tools in collaboration with major beta partners and is preparing to invite more developers to build their own Link apps and integrations. to reach and serve Linktree. More than 25 million creators who together receive more than a billion visits per month, and interested developers can submit their interest on the Linktree Marketplace.

Following Linktree’s recent $110 million raise, the company says it has focused on introducing new revenue streams and creating additional value for creators and brands, including launching new Web3 NFT platform features in partnership with Opensea. and music and entertainment-focused integrations with Audiomack. , Community, BandsInTown and Soundcloud.

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