‘Our Vconsol solution is hosted in the NIC cloud and is renamed BharatVC’ – CRN

‘Our Vconsol solution is hosted in the NIC cloud and is renamed BharatVC’ – CRN
Joy Sebastian, CEO, Techgentsia Software Technologies

Kerala-based boardroom video conferencing (VC) provider Techgentsia Software Technologies is a local company, made in India, and its solutions have a role in government agencies, including courts and NICs. Its video conferencing solution, VConsol, won the Innovation Challenge competition held last year by MeitY, under the Digital India programme. In an interview with CRN India, Joy Sebastian, CEO of Techgentsia Software Technologies, shares the company’s business roadmap.

How is Techgentsia helping customers embrace digital and remote collaboration?

Techgentsia was started in 2009 and since we focus on research and development of Internet communication and collaboration, this is our domain. We currently have around 100 R&D engineers working in this domain trying to push boundaries and drive innovation. We’re helping people digitize and collaborate better. We work with three types of clients: normal people who want to connect, the business sector and the government sector. If we get to the first segment, the people that you know, that we help people get together for personal reasons and for business reasons, whatever, they can talk, they can meet and collaborate. Our corporate clients use Vconsol: For their corporate and board meetings, Vconsol is a fully integrated enterprise-grade video conferencing solution for Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Linux platforms that we make in India. With AES 128 GCM encryption, it is safe, reliable and very practical.

This is used for your corporate and board meetings. Additionally, customers can integrate Vconsol into their existing services. For example, if your company is a real estate company and you have to conduct a customer survey for customer support services, you can integrate Vconsol in your website or in your application whereby, with the click of a button , your client can hold a video conference. with the customer service staff.

In the government sector, Vconsol can help you keep your data within the country. This way safety, security and privacy are addressed. We believe that Vconsol is better than the normal video conferencing solutions available in India. Almost all government services use Vconsol. The Indian government, under the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, already uses Vconsol: it is hosted on the NIC cloud and is now called BharatVC.

We are also helping PSUs to go digital and collaborate with BharatVC. Its applicability is in many areas such as education and telemedicine. We created the first role-based virtual court using Vconsol engine for Kerala High Court. We are also helping municipalities and panchayats to run their meetings more efficiently.

Can you talk about your company’s commitment to India in the midst of digital change?

India is a country where a great transformation is taking place, especially in the digital field, with increased use of the Internet and collaboration. Recently, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of the Government of India announced a challenge to find a 100% Made in India video conferencing company: To ensure that data security is taken into account, we decided to participate and won the prize Innovation Challenge. Through our solution, we are helping businesses embark on their digital journeys faster.

Being an Indian gamer, how are you expanding your business?

Every business is a success only when a large number of people use it. Currently our Vconsol is available in the public domain for people to download and use for their personal business requirements. We want the SaaS model of Vconsol to become popular in India so that Indians can appreciate a 100% made in India product. It is a much better product compared to other video conferencing solutions available in the market with more functionalities, features and data security.

Apart from NIC, we are introducing Vconsol to other governments, in different states of India taking the use case in Kerala that we have. We are also talking to governments around the world, as our solution offers all the necessary functionality they are looking for, such as security, stability and scalability, to help them serve a large user base.

How is scalability ensured given the high demand? How Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, OCI is helping the solution meet demand.

The pandemic surely accelerated the adoption of video conferencing solutions. People were more worried about how they would stay in touch, companies weren’t sure how they would be able to conduct business. So naturally, video conferencing, corporate video conferencing began to be used heavily. There are many options of VC solutions available in the market, but when Vconsol was introduced in the market as a SaaS model, many companies and individuals became interested because we are a 100% made in India version. Vconsol provides the security and privacy of all our data, business data remains in India under Indian jurisdiction. As a result, the demand increased. It was important to us to partner with a technology partner that could support unplanned growth while helping us improve our solution.

Vconsol has a scaling script available in the cloud and the system architecture is designed in such a way that horizontal or vertical scaling is possible, on any elastic cloud. So when the demand skyrocketed, it was possible for us to have scripts that could manage our demand.

Vconsol is a software based MCU (Multiple Control Unit). It uses MCU software to run video conferencing solutions. By design, software-based MCUs will require heavy server usage. So we need to have the right technology platform, IT setup, and support that can handle the intensive processing.

We think Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) had the best deal for us: they showed more computing power in our video-intensive environment. We have very high bandwidths for our real-time multi-party conferences, and with OCI we were able to experience exceptional computing performance, fast networks, enterprise-grade security capabilities and compliance standards, as well as platform support for cloud-native technologies. . In addition, we have managed to reduce our infrastructure cost by 40%. Oracle was our ideal partner for the Vconsol architecture.

How does Techgentsia plan to position Vconsol as a leader in the domain?

Vconsol is a purely software-based conference platform. Currently, the market for boardroom video conferencing solutions is dominated by a few players and costs are high. Finally, with everyone moving into the metaverse, we hope to incorporate Vconsol into the metaverse. We already have teams working on this. We believe that VR and AR will coexist with people in this world.

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