Parfin selects Anjuna to add a crucial layer of hardened security for the use of multi-party computing for the custody of digital assets

Parfin selects Anjuna to add a crucial layer of hardened security for the use of multi-party computing for the custody of digital assets

Solution enables fast, scalable, and cost-effective use of AWS Nitro Enclaves to protect MPC’s custodial assets from risk, theft, and misuse

PALO ALTO, Calif. Y LONDON, May 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — anjuna security Inc., the confidential computing and Parfin, the British-Brazilian fintech company that creates digital asset solutions for institutional clients, today announced that Anjuna’s confidential cloud software solution now enables Parfin’s MPC Custody platform to use Anjuna’s highly secure hardware protection. AWS Nitro Enclaves without any changes to applications or processes. Additional layer of hardware security blocks access by cloud provider employees, internal third parties, or compromised software components to Multi-Party Computing (MPC) cryptographic keys, digital assets, or proprietary escrow applications .

In the digital asset custody market, trust, risk protection and the highest levels of security are essential, including the protection of private keys, escrow addresses and credentials, even beyond traditional MPC. paraffin already had very high levels of security through the use of cutting-edge blockchain and MPC technologies, TLS encryption, hardware security modules (HSMs), and SOC2 certification and compliance. Parfin wanted to use AWS Nitro Enclaves to eliminate the potential for asset exposure at runtime when, by necessity, it is not encrypted in memory. Parfin also wanted to take advantage of the agility, high performance, scale, and economics of the public cloud.

“Anjuna provided the level of security we envisioned for our Parfin MPC Custody system,” said Alex Buelau, Parfin’s chief technology officer and co-founder. “Now, we can ensure that our customers’ distributed shared keys are protected by an additional layer of secure enclaves that would not be possible without Anjuna.”

Even with a wide distribution of MPC or blockchain cryptographic keys, the only remaining point of exposure is when the keys, code, or data are processed. Sophisticated and motivated attackers can target multiple points to orchestrate high-value theft or abuse. Closing this gap has been the goal of complex, expensive and cumbersome technologies such as multisig and HSM.

Anjuna addresses the remaining gap in blockchain, MPC, and public cloud infrastructure usage by locking down data, applications, and digital assets at runtime by making confidential computing and AWS Nitro Enclaves in the cloud practical. With Anjuna’s solution, enterprises can use widely available hardware-grade enclaves transparently, without the need to change code, processes or implementation, even across multiple clouds. Anjuna makes the highest level of runtime security fast, affordable, and instantly scalable.

“With so much at stake, it is critical that digital finance go beyond MPC technologies to close the potential open exposure that currently exists during runtime on servers,” he said. Ayal Yogev, co-founder and CEO of Anjuna. “As a leader, Parfin has gone the extra mile to ensure the highest levels of protection for client assets, whether they be digital wallets, personal information or transaction data.”

About paraffin
Founded in 2019 by executives Marcos Viriato, christian bohn and Alex Buelau, Parfin is an Anglo-Brazilian fintech that offers a modular and secure platform for the custody, trading and management of digital assets. Parfin’s platform offers advanced MPC custody and connects institutional investors with the various players in the cryptocurrency market, such as exchanges, banks and custodians. For more information visit

About Anjuna
Anjuna Security makes the public cloud secure for businesses. Anjuna Security software enables businesses to effortlessly run even their most sensitive workloads in the public cloud. Unlike complex perimeter security solutions that are easily breached by insiders and malicious code, Anjuna leverages the most robust hardware-based secure computing technologies available to make the public cloud the most secure computing resource available anywhere. Anjuna is based in Palo Alto, California.

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