Peer Software and Pulsar Security Announce Strategic Alliance to Improve Ransomware and Malware Detection Across Cloud, On-Premises, and Heterogeneous Storage Systems

Peer Software and Pulsar Security Announce Strategic Alliance to Improve Ransomware and Malware Detection Across Cloud, On-Premises, and Heterogeneous Storage Systems

CENTREVILLE, Va.–(COMMERCIAL WIRE)–peer software today announced the formation of a strategic alliance with press security. Through the alliance, Peer Software will leverage Pulsar Security’s team of cybersecurity experts to continuously monitor and analyze emerging and evolving malware and ransomware attack patterns in unstructured data.

PeerGFS, an enterprise-class software solution that makes it easy to deploy a modern distributed file system across multiple sites, on-premises, and in cloud storage, will use these attack patterns to enable an additional layer of security detection and response cybernetics. These capabilities will enhance the Malicious Event Detection (MED) feature built into PeerGFS.

“Each ransomware and malware attack is coded to infiltrate and spread through a storage system in a unique way that gives it a digital footprint,” said Duane Laflotte, CTO, Pulsar Security. “By understanding the unique behavioral patterns of ransomware and malware attacks and comparing them to the real-time file event streams that PeerGFS collects across the distributed file system, Peer can now empower its customers with an additional layer of monitoring. fast and efficient cybersecurity. We are excited to be working with Peer Software in this unique capacity.”

As part of the agreement, Pulsar Security will also work with Peer Software to educate and inform enterprise customers on emerging trends in cybersecurity and how to harden their systems against attacks through additional services such as penetration testing, vulnerability assessments, the dark web, phishing. simulations, red teaming and wireless intrusion prevention.

“Ransomware attacks have become so commonplace that nearly every storage infrastructure architecture plan now requires a cybersecurity discussion as well,” said Jimmy Tam, CEO of Peer Software. “But while other storage-based ransomware protection strategies have focused primarily on recovery from an attack, Peer Software’s goal in working with Pulsar Security is to prioritize early detection of an attack and limit spread to minimize damage. , speed recovery, and keep data continuously available to the business.”

About peer software

Peer Software’s mission is to simplify file management and orchestration for enterprise organizations. IT administrators are constantly faced with the unenviable task of trying to design, build, and operate 24/7 highly available and resilient global operations, while also striving to add flexibility and agility. in your technology choices to quickly adapt to ever-evolving technical and business demands. Through its global file serving, storage observability, and analytics solutions, Peer helps enterprises meet these challenges across edge, data center, and cloud environments.

About Pulsar Security

Pulsar Security is a team of highly trained and skilled ethical hackers whose job is to leverage cybersecurity expertise and proprietary tools to help businesses defend against malicious attacks. Pulsar is a veteran private company built on vision and trust, whose leadership has extensive military experience that enables it to think strategically and plan beyond current issues. The team leverages offensive experience to deliver solutions designed to help analyze and secure businesses of all sizes. Our industry experience and certifications mean that our engineers have the most esteemed and advanced cyber security credentials and field experience in the industry.

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