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Rimini Street strengthens the support and security systems of the State Library of Victoria

Rimini Street strengthens the support and security systems of the State Library of Victoria
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Rimini Street strengthens the support and security systems of the State Library of Victoria

The State Library of Victoria has commissioned enterprise software products and services provider Rimini Street to support and maintain its Oracle E-business software.

Rimini street is providing the library with its advanced database security (ADS) and advanced application middleware security (AAMS) solutions to block vulnerabilities in hours, unlike legacy vendor and traditional software patching models that can take months and significant testing costs to implement.

“Our finance team is very pleased with the support and security that Rimini Street provides, which keeps our assets and customers safe, and our financial services running,” said Bradley Vice, Chief Financial Officer of the State Library of Victoria.

“Rimini Street worked with our team to identify and provide solutions to the risks we faced. The team enjoys the service we receive and is pleased with Rimini’s Street’s responsiveness and security capabilities,” added Vice.

Disruptive patches and vendor support hinder innovation
Providing a secure digital experience for the Library’s millions of visitors is a key priority for the institution.

the Library it wanted to offer enhancements to its offerings and move to more cloud-based services. However, he was paying for annual maintenance and support from a software vendor and didn’t think he was getting the best value for money.

The functional issues that needed to be addressed required the outsourcing of outside technicians, which was becoming costly as the system aged and specialist skills became harder to find.

In addition, the rapid increase in digital visitors through the pandemic demanded the ability to respond to cyber threats and also required a strengthening of system controls.

The library needed to ensure it remained protected to continue providing its services, and system maintenance to patch software was proving disruptive to its operations.

He began looking for ways to reduce his costs, while at the same time wanting to limit the loss of resources required to regularly patch his system, address functional requirements, and maintain security.

This is where Rue Rimini came into the picture.

“Rimini Street provided an attractive proposition that stacked up favorably for what we needed,” said Vice. “The Rimini Street support team is quick to respond, which has allowed us to settle outstanding tickets and spend more resources undertaking a number of other library improvement projects.

“For example, in partnership with Rimini Street, we have developed functional enhancements and improved system controls, and have also completed a proof of concept for an online billing management solution.”

Superior support frees up resources for new strategic initiatives
“Patches and updates require costly and time-consuming downtime and regression testing, and this level of disruption to fix a discovered security vulnerability simply leaves ERP customers open to attack,” said group vice president Rimini Street and Oceania Regional Manager. Daniel Benad.

“Large institutions like the State Library of Victoria require quick fixes to vulnerabilities, and a more proactive approach to protecting database and application middleware is required than simply waiting for a security patch to be developed, tested and installed. code. Protection with a virtual shield from the outside has proven to be a more effective security solution.”

Like all Rimini Street customers, the State Library of Victoria benefits from the company’s enterprise software support model, including its Service Level Agreement of 10-minute response times for all Priority 1 critical cases.

All customers are also assigned a lead support engineer with an average of 20 years of experience in the customer’s enterprise software and supported by a team of functional and technical engineers.

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