Schneider Electric and Claroty launch ‘Cybersecurity Solutions for Buildings’ that reduce cyber and asset risks for smart buildings

Schneider Electric and Claroty launch ‘Cybersecurity Solutions for Buildings’ that reduce cyber and asset risks for smart buildings

schneider electricthe leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, today announced the launch of Cybersecurity Solutions for Buildings, a solution that helps all building customers secure their building management systems (BMS) to protect their people, assets and operations. The joint solution with Of coursesecurity company for cyber-physical systems in industrial, healthcare and commercial environments, will combine award-winning technology with Schneider Electric’s industry expertise and services to identify all facility-wide assets, offer vulnerability and risk management capabilities and provide threat monitoring to protect business investments.

Fifty percent of today’s buildings are likely to still be in use by 2050. This is driving commercial buildings to digitize their assets, including modernizing their building management system. In fact, IoT technology for buildings is expected to grow from the existing 1.7 billion connected devices by the end of 2020 to over 3 billion by 2025. As these commercial buildings evolve into the smart buildings of the future, they share at least one common trait: increased exposure to risk.

The sector must face the security challenges presented by intelligent buildings. Studies have shown that 57% of IoT devices are vulnerable to medium or high severity attacks[1]. Cyber ​​attacks have already damaged various businesses, including critical infrastructure such as hospitals, data centers, and hotels. The commercial construction industry must find ways to safeguard both its access to company IT systems and its mission-critical infrastructure.

The integration of IoT in buildings is causing exciting change across the industry, but as with any innovation, it also introduces new risks.”, said Annick Villeneuve, Vice President of Digital Business Solutions, Schneider Electric. “For threat actors looking to disrupt operations, benefit financially, and/or achieve other goals, and in doing so put people at risk, buildings can seem like the perfect target. It is with this in mind that we partner with Claroty to provide our customers with an industry-leading end-to-end solution that addresses the unique security and operational risks facing buildings today and in the future..”

As more and more IoT devices are deployed within the building space and increased connectivity between previously isolated operational technology, building management systems (BMS) and their IT counterparts, have made them attractive and vulnerable targets. to cyber attacks. Additionally, facility managers oversee hundreds of vendors, service contractors, and technicians in a fragmented manner, increasing complexity and risk.

When it comes to protecting cyber-physical systems, including BMS, the number one priority is keeping physical processes operational and secure.said Keith Carter, Claroty’s vice president of worldwide channels and alliances. “By merging Claroty’s deep domain expertise and purpose-built technology with Schneider Electric’s renowned services and commitment to driving digital transformation globally, we are empowering our customers to reap the benefits of smart building technologies. without increasing your exposure to cyber risk, thus taking a big step towards creating a more efficient and sustainable future for the world.”

The Cybersecurity Solutions for Buildings offer designed by Schneider Electric and Claroty includes the following steps: asset discovery, risk assessment, remote access control, threat detection and response. It will provide building owners, facility operators, and security teams with a simple solution without adding more workload that identifies basic risks, continuously reduces cyber and asset risks, and identifies and remediates threats in your environment before they services are interrupted.

Key capabilities:

  • Equip facility managers with a simple, vendor-neutral solution with which they can easily meet the secure remote access, asset inventory, efficiency, and other related requirements of building owners and asset managers.
  • Provides a automated asset discovery and network mapping solution that identifies and catalogs all system assets (BMS, IoT, UPS, Power Systems, etc.).
  • deliver a continuous threat detection solution that constantly monitors building networks to identify, assess and alert early indicators of anomalies at the network and asset level.
  • Enables providers of smart building assets and systems to create external and secure tunnels to connect and maintain specific resources and assets on the building network easily and without introducing additional risk.
  • provides dashboards and reporting capabilities to enable management and security teams to understand current situations, receive personalized recommendations, and drive appropriate actions to reduce a building’s exposure to security, operational, financial, and reputational risks.
  • It offers the only industry secure remote access (SRA) solution designed specifically for buildings and OT environments to increase building security when vendors, contractors and technicians perform remote maintenance activities.

In addition, the valuable visibility and intelligence gained into the building OT and asset environment through the implementation of Schneider Electric building cybersecurity solutions can also provide additional benefits to building owners and operators to improve operational efficiency. and the productivity of your buildings with actionable information. At Schneider Electric, our core mission in developing building cybersecurity solutions for our customers remains the same: by improving the resiliency of your buildings today and your buildings of the future through an enhanced cybersecurity posture with technology and With the right expertise, Schneider Electric works hand in hand with our customers as their digital partner for sustainability and efficiency, helping them make the most of their investments and resources.

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