Security Leaders Discuss Industry Drivers at Dark Reading News Desk at RSAC 2022

Security Leaders Discuss Industry Drivers at Dark Reading News Desk at RSAC 2022

RSA CONFERENCE 2022 — San Francisco — The RSA Conference theme is “Where the World Talks Security,” and security leaders covered a wide range of topics at Dark Reading’s News Desk last week. From new security frameworks and technologies like secure serving edge, extended detection and response (XDR), and confidential computing; to security best practices like resiliency and risk-based prioritization, these News Desk segments covered a lot of ground. There were also conversations about automation and the cloud. Check out the YouTube playlist of all the topics that came out of the Dark Reading News Desk during the RSA 2022 Conference in San Francisco.

Be on the lookout to get it right on the edge of the safe serve

By implementing Secure Service Edge technology, security professionals can consolidate their cloud access security broker, secure web gateway, and zero-trust offerings on a single platform, according to Jim Dolce, CEO and President of Lookout. Security.

Concentric AI on how to maximize your AI returns, inside and outside the SOC

Artificial intelligence has transformed the security landscape and given security professionals powerful tools to do their jobs more efficiently, says Karthik Krishnan, CEO and founder of Concentric AI.

DeepSurface on Risk-Based Prioritization adds new depth to vulnerability management

DeepSurface CTO Tim Morgan talks about how context awareness and risk-based prioritization can strengthen vulnerability management. Morgan also encourages security professionals to look beyond CVSS scores when conducting risk assessments.

Anjuna Security on Using ‘Sensitive Computing’ to Protect Data, Users and Organizations

Ayal Yogev, CEO and Co-Founder of Anjuna Security, describes the emerging Confidential Computing model, as well as how it leverages enclaves and creates trusted execution environments, isolating data from unauthorized access.

Semplicity in security Security and productivity: the new power couple

Scanning and remediation are hampered without robust automation to drive them, says Ravid Circus, co-founder and chief product officer of Seemplicity, which seeks to speed time to remediation and reduce risk.

ReliaQuest bolsters extended detection with threat intelligence

Customers are constantly struggling to move from reactivity to a proactive security strategy, but combining extended detection response (XDR) with threat intelligence is a big step in that direction, says Joe Partlow, CTO of ReliaQuest.

Automox adds automation to patch and vulnerability management

Patching and patch management remain among the biggest pain points for security professionals; Paul Zimski, vice president of product strategy at Automox, believes adding automation to the mix can make a big dent in the patching equation for most organizations.

Uptycs on Observability is key to cloud security

Transformation is a key theme at RSAC 2022, and Uptycs founder Ganesh Pai discusses how cloud security teams can reduce risk and lock things down more tightly. He also talks about how security observability can drive innovation for organizations.

Lacework combines artificial intelligence and automation to strengthen security in the cloud

Artificial intelligence is essential to empowering multicloud environments with greater visibility, insights, and action, according to Mark Nunnikhoven, Distinguished Cloud Strategist at Lacework.

BAE Systems on Want Better Security? Step up your collaboration game

“Information sharing and collaboration are essential to good security,” says Peder Jungck, vice president and general manager of Intelligence Solutions at BAE Systems Inc. That effect is compounded when information is shared across businesses and industries, he adds.

Sophos on tracking bad guys through threat research

John Shier, Senior Security Advisor at Sophos, shares original research data on adversaries and the current scourge of ransomware. Spoiler alert: things aren’t looking up, as bad actors resort to more sophisticated tactics to avoid detection.

Cisco makes resiliency a cornerstone of security strategy

RSA Keynote Speaker and Cisco Executive Jeetu Patel talks to the Dark Reading News Desk about the power of information sharing, an integrated approach to security, and giving users controlled and trusted access to applications and services.

Okta on Identity-First Security helps reduce and neutralize business threats

Okta’s Marc Rogers and Auth0’s Jameeka Aaron discuss the biggest identity-related threats, as well as how the move to hybrid working compounds the challenge of keeping users – and their data – safe.

Darktrace on malware and breach prevention with proactive defenses

The pressure to reduce and manage risk, internally and externally, is more urgent than ever, according to Mike Beck, global CISO at Darktrace. That’s why organizations require more sophistication and integration into their security management platforms.

Noname Security: Proactivity is the name of the game in App Security

Software code has been attacked in innovative and deeply troubling ways, says Shay Levi of Noname Security. These attacks have altered the security landscape for developers and their organizations, as well as vendors, partners, and customers.

Sysdig takes a deeper cut into cloud security

Cloud security can challenge security professionals like nothing else, including workload security issues arising from application design patterns or DevOps practices, says VP of Research and Development Sysdig, Omer Azaria.

Raytheon on a few simple ways to transform your cybersecurity contracting

It was already hard to find good security professionals with experience, then came the Great Resignation to make hiring even more difficult, says Jon Check, executive director of cyber protection solutions at Raytheon Intelligence and Space.

Panther Labs on mitigating the security skills shortage

The migration of applications to the cloud has triggered a hiring frenzy for security professionals with experience related to data monitoring and analysis, observes Jack Naglieri of Panther Labs. It has also created a great need to make workloads more manageable, he adds.

Application security testing is getting better with automated remediation

Software developers and security professionals alike struggle with application security, and Arabella Hallawell, CMO at Mend, discusses how automated remediation can improve software composition analysis and application security testing.

Cisco on how to secure a high-profile event like the Super Bowl

Whether you’re blocking a net or facing fourth with just inches, resiliency is key, according to TK Keanini and Tomás Maldonado, CISO of the Cisco National Football League. In both cases, protection is not optional.

Halcyon on how to mitigate the virulence of the new ransomware

COVID has had company in the last two years with another mutating scourge: Ransomware. Thanks to the Dark Web, ransomware has become more widespread and monetized, says Halcyon CEO and co-founder Jon Miller.

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