Security, sustainability and scalability: conquering all clouds

Security, sustainability and scalability: conquering all clouds
Security, sustainability and scalability: conquering all clouds

“Vision without action is a dream.

Action without vision is a nightmare.” – Japanese proverb

It is a truism that strategy without execution is meaningless and companies today are trying to incorporate more dimensions into their strategic priorities, and at a speed and scale we have not seen before, especially around the 3 Pillars of Safety, Sustainability and Scalability of change. And all of this underpinned by the imperative to develop an enhanced ability to be more agile and better measure ‘return on impact’ rather than just return on investment. This is key to enabling the shared value business upgrade, one that consumers, employees, and ecosystem partners are increasingly not just expecting, but demanding!

Recent research consistently shows that this quest to do more, but often with the same or fewer resources, is a key challenge today, from increased complexity, data overload, and investment optimization to accelerating technology adoption. cloud, to navigating talent shortages, baking in DEI and sustainability practices by design, and the myriad of change vectors at play, putting particular pressure on the increasingly squeezed mid-level manager. So how can we best address this and turn the challenge into an opportunity?

This was the ethos that for me permeated the recent Conquer every cloud event by Veritas Technologies in which global acting icon Simu Liu, winner of the inspirational Game Changer Award, took on another dynamic role: that of an IT superhero! And this same spirit was exemplified by the power of partnership, trust, and resilience that permeated the event’s discussions, especially when addressing growing cybersecurity threats like ransomware. As Doug Matthews, vice president of product management, put it: ‘We got you covered’. Let’s explore some of these challenges and the support available to deny them in more detail.

Multi-cloud optimization and Autonomous data management

The latest research consistently reflects between 89% (Flexera) and 94% (Vanson Bourne) of companies employing a multi-cloud strategy with 60% of CIOs (Accenture) stating that optimizing their cloud spend is a top priority, with a typical wasted cloud spend of 32% (Flexera). With Veritas Technologies newly named one of the Top 20 Data Management Companies in The 2022 Storage 100 by CRN, it’s no surprise to see them tackle this issue head-on.

Specifically, the launch of a new subscription-based pricing model will help organizations improve cloud cost predictability and cloud resource usage visibility, with benefits also for consumption efficiency, which will help integrate ESG considerations alongside cost, a great example of shared value business in action. . This helps meet the needs of today’s increasingly aware consumers and ecosystem partners, while helping to address key business issues to meet them, as evidenced by two data points highlighted in this new investigate by Oracle.

– ‘70% of people say they are willing to cancel their relationship with a brand that does not take sustainability and social initiatives seriously’

Top challenges for companies include obtaining ESG metrics from partners and third parties (35%); lack of data (33%); and time-consuming manual reporting processes (32%)

Additionally, by leveraging AI and hyper-automation, Veritas Autonomous Data Management reduces manual processes and provides intelligent automation points that help ensure predictability and reliability, maximizing uptime, reducing IT management software costs, and reducing the consumption of computing, storage and IT resources. . This reflects a broader view of ‘go far beyond human capacity without sacrificing human oversight’ whereby technology can seamlessly provision, optimize, and automatically repair data management services. This enables self-service data protection and recovery that empowers end users and enables the upgrade of the complementary man-machine partnership, with employees, especially in IT, freed to focus on higher order value activities around transformation. strategy, and benefiting from superior experience too!

Where agility and security meet

Cybersecurity attacks are more pervasive than ever, with multiple drivers emerging over the past year, including the rise in the value of data, the explosion of IoT devices and the growth of the API economy, an acceleration in the adoption of multiple clouds and the cloud. native apps, increased technology and IT/OT convergence, and the rise of hybrid decentralized work and Bring/Choose your own device. In combination, cyber threats have rapidly become more complex, converged, and sophisticated. Examples include bad actor collaboration, supply chain, IoT, and SMB vulnerabilities, device hacking, phishing, attacks across the DoS DDoS, SaaS, MitM, and Log4j spectrum, and in particular the growing risk of ransomware. , with an event that is now predicted to occur. every 11 seconds during 2022.


In fact, the range of multi-layered factors that organizations must plan for and manage for cybersecurity, from end-user training to operating system patching, isolation, lockdown, and data hardening of Changes can generally increase complexity and cybersecurity risks. attacks if not fully integrated with full visibility and a single view of the data plane. Incorporating Zero Trust practices is also key, but it’s still a confusing topic, as I mentioned in a recent Veritas LinkedIn Live. None of these considerations are done once and must be part of everyday organizational life and embedded in technology, culture, processes and skills.


Helping to bring together many of these ‘challenge’ elements, the recent announcement of the general availability of the NetBackup 10 data management solution powered by Cloud Scale first inserted by Brian Hamel, Veritas EVP on Conquer Every Cloud really resonates. This heralds a new generation of NetBackup architecture that enables more efficient operations within modern multi-cloud environments comprising containerized services, AI/ML, and a range of dynamic features.

Indeed, this is a historic moment, bringing to wide market availability the industry’s first data protection solution that is optimized for any cloud and at any scale, combining automation, AI, and an elastic architecture that enhances agility. , flexibility and data security as well. In addition, this innovation can support the acceleration in the adoption of cloud use cases and new virtualization technologies, both for SMBs and enterprises. This is backed by the capabilities of Recovery Vault, the cloud-based data storage that is inherently integrated within NetBackup.

“No matter where our customers put their data, if NetBackup manages it, it’s protected and recoverable, anywhere, from anywhere, no matter the threat.”

Doug Matthews, Senior Vice President of Product Management, Veritas Technologies

More information

To explore some of the security, sustainability, and scalability solutions described in this article in more detail, more information is available! To find all the news of NetBackup 10 powered by Cloud Scale, see the following Link. Also, Conquer Every Cloud event highlights are available On demand where you can learn more about the current and future cloud landscape, explore data protection and resiliency best practices in depth and of course also delve into emerging innovations. And finally, an announcement about the next Solution Day on Thursday, May 5, with all the details. here.

About the Author

Dr. Sally Eaves is a highly experienced CTO, professor of advanced technologies, and global strategic advisor on digital transformation specializing in the application of emerging technologies, particularly the disciplines of AI, 5G, cloud, security, and IoT, for enterprises. and IT transformation, along with social impact at scale.

An international keynote speaker and author, Sally was the first recipient of the Frontier Technology and Social Impact Award, presented at the United Nations, and has been described as the “bringer of ethical technology,” founding Aspirational Futures to improve inclusion, diversity and belonging in the technology space and beyond. Sally is also President of the Global Cyber ​​Trust at leading think tank GFCYBER.

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