SMX partnership with Microsoft leads to NTT recognition

SMX partnership with Microsoft leads to NTT recognition

SMX has caught the attention of NTT after receiving positive reviews from businesses in Australasia and beyond for its email security.

In addition to its existing partnership with Microsoft, SMX will now collaborate with NTT across Microsoft’s global network to protect businesses from a variety of threats around the world.

NTT operates in more than 200 countries and regions, serving approximately 5,000 customers.

The company is also recognized as a Microsoft Global Gold Partner, an Azure Managed Services Expert Provider, Azure Networking Exclusive MSP, and has an Advanced SAP Specialization on Azure.

NTT has also won a variety of partner awards over the years.

“Both NTT and SMX are aligned on advanced security solutions. Partnering with SMX gives our clients access to the latest technologies, premium technical support, and the ability to join our team to deliver specialized technology solutions, helping our clients continue to safely grow their businesses while minimizing threats from cyber security”, NTT Digital Transformations overview. says manager Dan Owen.

“Since the Covid pandemic, we have seen more and more companies turn to hybrid working.

“Now is the time to invest in cybersecurity, so it’s great to be able to work together with other Microsoft partners, like SMX, to bring advanced security solutions to our customers.”

SMX notes the significant change in electronic messaging.

He says that where once the main problem was figuring out how to send a message directly from one computer to another, one of the main challenges for today’s roughly 3.9 billion active email users is preventing certain emails from getting through.

Phishing emails have caused a number of problems, including reputational and business damage and long-lasting financial impacts.

Microsoft’s Digital Defense Report states that phishing comprises approximately 70% of global data breaches.

However, as continued customer demand amid the pandemic has pushed so many businesses around the world to go digital in response, cybercrime of all kinds is on the rise.

The current state of the threat landscape is such that email and domain security have gone from being viewed as an optional “cost” to an essential part of maintaining business operations.

SMX has over 17 years of experience developing, implementing and supporting email services for businesses and email providers throughout Australasia.

In addition, the company makes migration to the cloud easier, enabling hundreds of private and public sector companies to adopt Office 365 email and archive faster while protecting their IP.

SMX is also working to address security workarounds, a common problem that regularly exposes organizations to risk.

Noting increased uptake of Microsoft 365 in Australia and New Zealand amid the rise of cloud computing, companies say this has changed the way organizations deliver cyber security.

Additionally, they say that many of the available email security offerings interfere with and compromise Microsoft 365 security protections, asking users to disable certain security features in their firewalls.

SMX says it saw an opportunity to use its specialized email security to address these issues by partnering with Microsoft to develop and provide a multi-layered email security service that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft 365.

Combining advanced threat detection with AI technologies means that SMX can offer a robust offering for organizations that want complete protection without having to modify any settings in the background.

“The difference with SMX 365 is that it works ‘with’ Microsoft 365 security features, rather than asking users to turn them off, which provides a much higher level of protection against cybersecurity,” says the CEO of SMX, Richard Fraser.

“SMX 365 uses a ‘better together’ defense-in-depth approach, combining the security features of SMX and Microsoft 365.

“This ensures that businesses can use and optimize the security features of Microsoft 365 with an additional layer of SMX security, which can be managed within one dashboard.”

SMX 365 is able to recognize a variety of threats, such as a senior manager making a request that is, in fact, a scammer in disguise, and classifies security signals with the latest technology to distinguish between spam and essential emails. .

By doing this, SMX 365 enables every message to arrive in the correct inbox so employees no longer need to check spam and junk folders to find important emails.

Azure-based cloud management portal provides easy access to reports and helps manage complex workflows and rules so businesses can get up-to-date analytics on how SMX 365 supports their email threats and manage their mail flow email by themselves.

SMX has seen substantial growth since this latest offering was developed, including becoming a Microsoft ISV partner, which has enabled it to develop its offerings alongside Microsoft 365 and receive support to market its products to other partners in the Microsoft network. to reach millions of cloud customers. through the tech giant’s trading market.

Microsoft New Zealand Partner Leader Matt Bostwick is excited to see the partners working together so well.

“A lot of our conversations these days are about collaboration and the importance of creating a technology ecosystem that shares knowledge and expertise to create something even better than any business on its own,” says Bostwick.

“What this deal shows is that there are huge opportunities for New Zealand technology companies to partner together to achieve success and deliver more to their customers,” he says.

“SMX is a highly valued and trusted innovator with Microsoft IP, and seeing our other partners leverage and work with their cybersecurity expertise is fantastic.

“We look forward to seeing both SMX and NTT grow even more together.”

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