The path to an adaptive and modern network

The path to an adaptive and modern network

Article by Silver Peak Founder and Chief Technology and Product Officer David Hughes.

As the pandemic moves into its third year, companies appear to have settled into a new norm: one in which many employees continue to work remotely, in which business requirements are constantly changing, and in which companies know that in order to win, they must adapt to the change in a news of the moment. When I talk to clients, they confirm the challenges associated with these trends.

Managing and protecting the network looks different than it did just two years ago, especially given that most of these networks are made up of multiple generations of infrastructure put together over time. Those networks were not designed with these changing conditions and new technologies in mind.

This need to reduce complexity while building an adaptive network foundation is the thinking behind our latest innovations in network modernization. Today we announce significant advances to Aruba ESP (Edge Services Platform)with new functionality in Aruba Central to enable organizations to keep up with rapidly changing business requirements.

Our new Aruba Central NetConductor solution enables enterprises to centrally manage distributed network roles, authentication, and access permissions with cloud-native services that simplify policy provisioning and automate orchestration of network configurations across infrastructures. wired, wireless and WAN. Central NetConductor enables network agility for users and IoT deployments while enforcing Zero Trust and SASE security policies.

This announcement is important because it recognizes the need for organizations continuously modernize its network based on three principles:

  • Automation – Simplified workflows and AI-driven automation to reduce the time and resources required to plan, deploy, and manage networks that support remote, branch, campus, and cloud connectivity. Central NetConductor includes intent-based workflows with security policy orchestration and “one-button” connectivity.
  • Security – Increased threat detection and protection with built-in identity-based access control and dynamic segmentation that are the foundation for Zero Trust and SASE frameworks. Central NetConductor provides pervasive role-based access control that extends dynamic segmentation for Zero Trust and SASE security policy enforcement.
  • Agility – Standards-based, cloud-native, unified architecture for investment protection and ease of adoption with NaaS consumption models to optimize budget and staff resources. Central NetConductor uses cloud-native services for a single point of visibility and control to ease migration and adoption of new services while preserving existing investments.

As part of this announcement, we are also introducing other advancements to help customers on their journey to a modern and adaptable network architecture:

Self-Locating Indoor Access Points

Introducing the industry’s first auto-location indoor access points with built-in GPS receivers and Open Locate, a proposed new industry standard for sharing location information from an access point to a device.

This means that for IT, we’ve eliminated the need to manually map your network and will now update the access point’s location dynamically and accurately.

For lines of business, accurate and affordable indoor location opens the door to a new generation of applications, as we’ve seen with outdoor GPS. To know more, see this interview with HPE member Stuart Strickland.

New NaaS offerings

The third part of our announcement focuses on our Network as a Service (NaaS) offerings. As organizations rethink how they buy and manage their networks, the need to be agile and flexible is the key driver behind the sharp rise in NaaS adoption. Last week, HPE announced significant advancements to the HPE GreenLake platform with 12 new cloud services spanning networking, storage, high-performance computing, and computing to help organizations modernize all of their applications and data, from the edge to the edge. cloud.

The network piece in this announcement is our HPE GreenLake for Aruba, or Network as a Service (NaaS). This provides an agile and dynamic network option for those looking for a solution that can scale up or down as business requirements change. This latest announcement includes eight standardized offerings designed around popular enterprise network use cases, bringing greater simplicity and accelerating time to value for NaaS deployments.

The advancements we are presenting today will help customers on their journey to a modern and adaptable network architecture. While none of us can predict the next big change with absolute certainty, we can plan for change and set up our network – and our business – to be ready for anything.

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