The path to secure cloud workload communication

The path to secure cloud workload communication

If your company hosts applications in the cloud, you face the challenge of ensuring that your online application communications are secure, both between the applications themselves and between the application and the data center. With complex connections and stringent security requirements, this is an area that cries out for simplification. So the answer may lie in cutting-edge cloud workload solutions built on zero-trust technology.

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Nils Ullmann, Solution Architect, Z-climber.

When workloads are relocated to the cloud, they need to be accessed in a variety of ways and in the multi-cloud scenarios that are prevalent in business today; this fact is central to the debate on complexity and security. For most applications hosted in the public cloud, three communication relationships are required. The workload, which is made up of the application and related data, must be accessible to the IT department for administrative purposes; it must also be able to communicate with other applications over the Internet and also be connected to the data center. If the required access rights on these addresses are not configured correctly, the company can increase its vulnerability to attack.

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