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Tresorit Business Plus review: Perfect for handling sensitive data

Tresorit Business Plus review: Perfect for handling sensitive data
Written by ga_dahmani
Tresorit Business Plus review: Perfect for handling sensitive data

Companies concerned about storing and sharing sensitive information in the cloud will love Tresorit, as this Swiss company has security as its top priority. Tresorit employs a zero-knowledge policy for encryption keys so that no one but you can access your data. This latest version adds a number of new features, including enhanced access controls, document usage analytics, and stronger security policies for sharing data with external clients.

Ease of use is another winning attribute of this product, as Tresorit is exceptionally simple to implement and manage. We reviewed the Business Plus plan and quickly added new users simply by sending them email invitations from your administrative web portal.

The message contains a download link for the Tresorit desktop app, and after installing it, users provide their full name, choose a password, and wait while it creates their first personal “Tresor” – Tresorit parlance for a secure encrypted folder. Tresorit weaves its encryption magic behind the scenes so users only have to remember their password; if they forget it, administrators can use the portal’s advanced control feature to reset it for them.

The portal dashboard overview shows the top three users and platforms, and you can view each user to see their Tresors, what devices they’ve been using, and all of their web sessions. Policies provide a host of access controls, including limiting account access from Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android devices, enforcing single sign-on or two-factor authentication, setting login session in days and the choice of which users can create file links.

Business Plus and Enterprise subscriptions include company email domain verification to keep all your users under one roof and control their activities with global policies. As part of Tresorit’s Content Shield service, document scanning is available in the Enterprise version and allows users to track customers and see how they interact with documents sent to them.

Tresorit Business Plus

Users can create any number of Tresors up to the limit of their personal cloud storage which, for the Business Plus plan, is 2TB each with a generous maximum file size of 15GB. When creating Tresors, you can add an existing local folder, which is uploaded and synced to the cloud, or you can create a new one in the cloud and decide when to enable local sync.

The well-designed desktop app makes it easy to view the contents of your Personal Tresors, upload new files to them, and move, delete, or rename individual files. Create a local drive for quick access to Tresors from Windows Explorer or macOS Finder, and each user gets their own personal web portal.

The desktop app and web portal can be used to share files and folders by selecting team members from a contact list and granting admin, editor, or viewer privileges. Once recipients accept an invitation, the shares automatically appear in your app and portal.

External customers who do not have a Tresorit account can join, as users can email them secure file upload requests and file sharing web links using their local email client, Outlook on the web, or Gmail. For greater shared security, you can add link expiration dates, set the number of times they can be opened or downloaded, apply password protection, enable access logging, and require recipients to verify their email address by entering the unique six-digit code sent to you by Tresorit when you first open the link.

SMBs that demand the most stringent security for cloud file sharing can’t go wrong with Tresorit. Along with its full end-to-end encryption, its ease of use and extensive access controls add even more appeal, and the Business Plus plan compares well on price to the competition.

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