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Trusted Partner Network Announces Growth Plan for Content Security Program: Below the Line

Trusted Partner Network Announces Growth Plan for Content Security Program: Below the Line
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Trusted Partner Network Announces Growth Plan for Content Security Program: Below the Line

Trusted Partner Network

The Trusted Partner Network (TPN), the world’s leading film and television content security initiative, is expanding its program to better serve the media and entertainment industry as it continues to grow globally and in complexity, and now performs much of your business in the cloud. TPN’s expansion will be implemented in phases and will introduce a more flexible and comprehensive program to better accommodate the priorities and needs of both service providers and content owners.

TPN, which is a division of the Film Association (MPA), builds on the success of its original program, which launched in 2018 and established security benchmarks and a site safety assessment to prevent content leaks and piracy. Over the next 12 months, TPN will roll out its enhanced program that includes updated security best practice guidelines for cloud workflows; a streamlined ratings onboarding process for all TPN raters; an enhanced “Gold Evaluation Program” for application, site and cloud workflows; and a new “Blue Self-Certification Program” to give vendors the ability to report alternative security certifications to support the urgent need for a centralized, sensitive and flexible content security solution.

Content owners and service providers will benefit from TPN’s expanded service, which will leverage the cloud, simplifying global onboarding for advisors and creating a consolidated and reliable solution from which content owners can accelerate individual decision making.

“TPN is growing to keep pace with an industry where security threats are more insidious and sophisticated, and working in the cloud has become the new normal,” said TPN President Terri Davies he said in a statement. “Our expanded program will encompass all the ways work is done in our industry today, while increasing capacity, making it easier for service providers to ensure they meet safety benchmarks and for content owners make more informed independent vendor selections from a more accessible and centralized point of view. solution.”

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Next month, TPN will begin a pilot program to test, evaluate, and get feedback on its expanded guidelines. The pilot program will include the participation of leading creative service providers as well as cloud security subject matter experts from the MPA’s six member companies (Disney, Netflix, Paramount, Sony, Universal and Warner Bros.), the cloud security alliance (CSA), and Converging risks.

In June, TPN plans to launch a streamlined qualification program for security assessors. The new criteria will cover application, site and cloud security. The assessor qualification process will continue to be globally uniform, objective and accessible. TPN understands the need to increase cloud security auditing expertise, and by changing the qualification method to be a TPN Assessor, expects to greatly expand global capacity to meet the growing need in the industry.

This fall, TPN will publish expanded best practice guidelines covering application, site, and cloud workflows. The new guidelines will be used to develop TPN’s Gold Assessment Program, to be launched in the first quarter of 2023, which will enable suppliers to measure and report conformance to the most recognized industry standards. TPN will also launch its Blue Self-Certification Program in the first quarter of 2023. The Blue Program will provide a flexible framework for vendors to self-certify and report compliance to various alternative security control suites. The self-certification data will be made available to TPN’s content owning partners for use in conducting independent risk assessments of their vendors. The program will serve as a single source of security information and is intended to reduce the need for audits from multiple vendors.

Davies said that TPN will be proactive in responding to future changes in technology, workflow practices and security issues. “At MPA, we are committed to the belief that our industry is stronger together than apart and drives us to protect the work our members create for audiences around the world,” he said. “We continue to build momentum on the great foundation the TPN program has in reducing the effort, time and costs associated with safety assessments in our industry, while ensuring the highest standards are maintained. We are also committed to supporting our studio members and providers with the tools and information they need to collaborate productively, securely, and in the trusted environment provided by TPN.”

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