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UltiSat Signs Reseller Agreement with Sub-U Systems to Enhance Security of Deployable Remote Communications Networks

UltiSat Signs Reseller Agreement with Sub-U Systems to Enhance Security of Deployable Remote Communications Networks
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UltiSat Signs Reseller Agreement with Sub-U Systems to Enhance Security of Deployable Remote Communications Networks
UltiSat Inc.

UltiSat Inc.

GAITHERSBURG, Md., March 29, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — UltiSat, a global provider of end-to-end communications for government, humanitarian aid and critical infrastructure, has signed a value-added reseller agreement with Sub U Systems. , an innovative leader in information and communications security IP networking products. SUB-U’s unique expertise in developing custom hardware, Software Defined Network Appliances™ and its unique virtual machine hypervisor results in compact and secure baseband systems that can be deployed alongside SUB-U’s wireless and satellite connectivity services. UltiSat. The result is strong information security for customers and their missions, even in remote or conflict environments.

“Providing reliable remote connectivity for high-impact missions is certainly a challenge, but today’s rapidly evolving cybersecurity landscape takes that challenge to a new level,” said UltiSat President and CEO David Myers. “By partnering with companies like SUB-U, who specialize in providing high security to the very edge, even the most remote and difficult locations can benefit from the latest in government-grade network technologies.”

SUB-U’s small form factor routers, switches, servers, and Network Functions Virtualization (NFV) appliances are ultra-compact, lightweight, and have low power consumption. The modular and deployable design allows end users to set up a highly scalable, secure, multi-enclave, classified or unclassified network in a matter of minutes. SUB-U has extensive experience in business solutions for classified network products (CSfC) and a holistic understanding of communications security (COMSEC) and information security (INFOSEC) demands. SUB-U products can be easily combined with UltiSat’s commercial and government-grade wireless and satellite network services, offering highly flexible mission communications backed by next-generation network security.

“SUB-U is pleased to partner with UltiSat,” said Keir Tomasso, president and chief technology officer of Sub U Systems. “The unique combination of SUB-U’s deployable network security and communications solutions combined with UltiSat’s commercial out-of-the-box connectivity services creates new options in government and military-grade communications that are unrivaled.”

About UltiSat
UltiSat is a global provider of comprehensive solutions for managed networks, airborne communications, specialized global wireless services and advanced engineering services. Customers in the government, disaster relief, and critical infrastructure markets have unique communications requirements and increased demand for resiliency. Our portfolio includes a range of products and services that leverage satellite, terrestrial, and wireless technologies, combined with in-house engineering, systems integration, and global field service. UltiSat leverages a heritage of more than 25 years deploying solutions in more than 120 countries to specialize in mission-critical secure communications and networks. For more information visit

About U-Sub
Located in Turnersville, New Jersey, Sub-U Systems designs and manufactures software and hardware-based IIOT, computing, switching, IP network path solutions for the commercial, public safety and defense markets. As experts in NSA Classified Business Solutions (CSfC), Sub U Systems offers secure, enterprise-grade products that meet the most stringent mission requirements where ruggedness, size, weight, and power are critical. SUB-U also offers a full range of specialized support services in the form of custom design engineering and communications solutions engineering support services.

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