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What is Device Posture Check?

What is Device Posture Check?
Written by ga_dahmani
What is Device Posture Check?

The plague of widespread cybersecurity breaches that coincided with the Covid-19 pandemic was a massive reminder to all web users around the world of the growing importance of cybersecurity. While the pandemic has accelerated technology adoption, it has also exposed cyber vulnerabilities and our lack of preparedness to combat cyber threats. As cyber risks continue to come to the fore, cybersecurity has become a board-level issue for small and large businesses alike.

As more and more workers choose to work from the comfort (and safety) of their homes, overcoming cybersecurity challenges becomes even more challenging. While being online always carries some risk, at work you often use a network protected by antimalware, firewalls, and automated backup systems. With all this, it is less likely that a cyber threat like malware will corrupt your software and you will be a victim of data theft.

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