Why IT professionals should turn to InfoComm

Why IT professionals should turn to InfoComm

InfoComm, the largest professional audiovisual trade show in the US, will return to the Las Vegas Convention Center next week, with hundreds of technology providers showcasing their latest conferencing and collaboration solutions, as well as innovative visualization and Audio.

While the show has historically catered to the professional AV industry and AV integrators, it has recently made more of an effort to appeal to end users and IT professionals, who are ultimately the end customer of these shows. solutions and services shown. .

IT professionals unfamiliar with AV equipment and standards are now forced to support their organizations’ remote and hybrid work needs, and InfoComm it’s a place where IT and its end users can go to learn more about the latest innovations in the conferencing and collaboration space, says David Labuskes, CEO of pro-AV trade association AVIXA.

“The DNA of AVIXA and all exhibitors at InfoComm is the application of technology to connect people to people, and professionals who have to learn this on the fly and respond and react have a home at AVIXA and have a tremendous resource in the industry. InfoComm education and the program itself,” says Labuskes.

InfoComm Learning Opportunities for IT Professionals

InfoComm 2022 has 22 sessions that are “focused on the world of IT and AV networksays Labuskes, with topics including AV-over-IP, network security, cloud infrastructure, HDBaseT technology, and even a panel session focused on the IT and end-user point of view.

Other sessions will explore cybersecurity implications for IoT, AV, and workplace technology in enterprise environments, while a three-day course on Networked AV Systems will explore the impacts of AV systems on networks.

While the InfoComm program is becoming more IT-friendly, Labuskes says AVIXA has been “tailoring its messaging and training to the IT audience for some time,” with newsletters specifically focused on conferencing and collaboration, technology training courses AV-over-IP and more. .

Presenting that information to AV professionals often introduces them to IT standards and protocols, but AVIXA also hopes to do the opposite.

InfoComm gives IT professionals the opportunity to learn more about AV technologies from other technologists who “speak a dialect” of their technical language, says Labuskes.

“The key is not necessarily to take a network engineer and make them an AV professional, or take an AV professional and make them a network engineer,” he says. “The key is for them to interact with each other and discover the expertise that each of them brings to solve the problems facing businesses today.”

Interact with vendors and solution providers

In addition to educating IT and end users on the latest AV technologies, vendors themselves gain valuable insight into what their actual end customers need to do their jobs effectively, says Labuskes.

“There is a real impact on product roadmaps that comes from participating in an event like this, not only from a sales promotion and lead generation, but also from conversations with end users,” says Labuskes.

Notable exhibitors showcasing conferencing and collaboration solutions that may be familiar to IT professionals include HP, Intel, Logitech, Cisco, Sennheiser, Zoom, AVI-SPL, AVI Systems, Dell, DTEN, Lenovo, Nureva, Crestron, Poly , Pexip, QSC, Shure, Utelogy and much more.

Here are some InfoComm sessions IT professionals should check out (click on each one for more information about the session, times, and participants):

Three day courses:

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